‘Soccer’ Double Mum in Red & Black
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‘Soccer’ Double Mum in Red & Black

Support your Soccer Player with this sporting red & black double mum! Change up the colors for your alma mater.

Emma Parrott

Craft Time: 60+ minutes
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Material List

  • To Make 20 Points - 10 Red/10 Black
  • 1½- inch black ribbon, 2 yards cut into 4 inch pieces
  • 1 ½ red ribbon, 2 yards cut into 4 inch pieces
  • Oval Cardboard Backers, 3
  • Mum, 5½-inch White, 2
  • Ribbon (for mum hanger), 1-inch, Red, 6-inch piece, 1
  • For basic double backing streamers:
  • Ribbon, 1½-inch, Black, 16 yards, cut into 2 - yard pieces,
  • Ribbon, 1-inch, Red, 16 yards, Cut into 2-yard pieces
  • Streamers and Garlands - 1 yard each piece:
  • Ribbons, Red, Wide Mesh,1
  • Silver Garlands, Assorted, 2 or 3
  • Streamers, Red and Black Assorted: printed, textured, different widths, Approx. 6 Streamers, Clear Assorted: printed in either silver, red or black, Approx. 6
  • Metallic Ribbon, 1/8-inch, Silver (to create soccer garland), 1 yard
  • Military Braid, Red & Black, 1
  • black and white diamond back chain, 1
  • black feather boa (cut in half), 1
  • Plastic trinkets or embellishments
  • red “got team” megaphone, 1
  • flat soccer, 3
  • red and white “We’re #1”, 1
  • red and white “#1”, 1
  • black and white “We’ve got spirit” megaphone, 1
  • flat shoe with cleats, 3
  • For top of flower
  • Plush Panther Head, 3-inch, Black
  • Red & White ‘Homecoming’ Arch, 1
  • Shoes with Cleats
  • Soccer Ball, 1¼-inch
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Hot Glue Sticks
  • Scissors
  • Stapler
  • Ruler

Project Instructions

Step: 1

Make about 20 double points: 10 red and 10 black.
Staple red points twice to secure and staple to oval cardboard backer, spacing evenly around the backer. Staple black points between each red point and secure on to backer.

Step: 2

Prepare flowers, and attach to the backing piece with the points.

Step: 3

Make another backing piece with basic double backing streamers in red and black
Take 1 piece of each color of the 2-yard ribbons; lay one on top of the other and fold in half so that the right side of the ribbon still shows on both sides (the top will make a point). Then staple the point onto another cardboard backing circle in 2 rows of 4 double streamers, overlapping slightly.

Step: 4

Add the following with staples or hot glue gun:

Step: 5

• Wide Red Mesh Ribbon

Step: 6

• Assorted Silver Garlands, Black & White Paw Garland

Step: 7

• Assorted Red and Black Streamers - printed, textured, different widths

Step: 8

• Several Clear Streamers - printed in either silver, red, or black

Step: 9

• 1/8-inch Silver Metallic Ribbon to create soccer garland

Step: 10

• Red and Black Military Braid

Step: 11

• Black and White Diamond Back Chain

Step: 12

• Black Feather Boa (cut in half)

Step: 13

Hot glue or tie the following embellishments as shown:

Step: 14

• Red ‘GO TEAM’ Megaphone

Step: 15

• Flat Soccer Charm

Step: 16

• Red & White ‘We’re #1’ Charm

Step: 17

• Red & White ‘#1’

Step: 18

• Black & White ‘We’ve got Spirit’ Megaphone

Step: 19

• Flat Shoe with Cleats

Step: 20

• Pieces of Paw Garland

Step: 21

Hot glue on top of flower as shown:

Step: 22

• Plush 3-inch Black Panther Head

Step: 23

• Red & White ‘Homecoming’ arch

Step: 24

• 1 ¼-inch Shoes with Cleats

Step: 25

• 1 ¼-inch Soccer Ball

Step: 26

Make a white hanger loop with a 6-inch piece of 1-inch thick red ribbon. Staple it well to the top of the backing circle with the streamers.

Step: 27

Hot glue the backing with the streamers to the backing with the flower/points. Hot glue the 3rd backing circle to the back of that to finish.


Start with a plan. Lie out and piece mum together on a flat surface. It’s easier to reposition items when they are not glued down yet.