“Something Blue” Twist Bracelet
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“Something Blue” Twist Bracelet

Classic pearls are given a new twist in this intricate bracelet. Multiple strands of silver chain, rhinestones, pearls and crystals combine in a playful mix to give this bracelet a look that can go either vintage or modern bohemian bride! With plenty of personality, this piece can be enhanced by adding the colors of your wedding theme to the mix or just add a touch of blue as shown for traditional wedding day luck!
Craft Time: 60+ minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Crystazzi Pearls:
    4mm Round White, 1 pkg
    8mm Round White, 1 pkg
  • Crystazzi Crystals:
    4x6mm Crystal Satin Rondelles, 1 pkg
    6mm Dk Sapphire Bicone, 1 pc
    4mm Sapphire Bicone, 1 pc
    6mm Smoke Bicone, 1 pc
  • Bead Landing:
    Medium Size Stone Crystal Rhinestone Chain, 1 pkg
  • Sterling Elegance:
    Crimp Tubes, 6 pc
    Small Rope Toggle, 1 set
    4mm Open Jump Rings, 6 pc
    6mm Open Jump rings, 2 pc
    18” Oval Link Necklace, 1 pc
    Eye Pins, 2 pc
    Head Pins, 3 pc
  • Crystal Clear Silver Lined E-Beads, 1 pkg
  • 7 Strand Silver Beading Wire
  • Needle Nose Pliers or Crimping Pliers
  • Round Nose Pliers
  • Wire Cutters

Project Instructions

Techniques Used: Working with Crimps, Working with Rhinestone Chain Ends, Making Loops and Using Jump rings

*Note lengths are approximate since the twisting of the strands will shorten their length. You can adjust by leaving ends temporarily secured with tape until all assembled, then twist and fix the ends accordingly (add beads or trim) so that they all come together at the same finished point.

Begin by assembling ends of the bracelet first. Thread an 8mm pearl onto an eye pin and finish with a simple loop. Make 2 pearl links like this. Carefully open one end of each link to attach a pearl to each half of the clasp. (If the clasp needs more room to thread, an additional 4mm jump ring can be placed before the bar end to make it easier.) Create a simple loop by trimming the pin approximately ¼” beyond the top bead. Using your round nose pliers, bend the wire to form a right angle. Use the end of your pliers to grasp the end of the wire and going against the bend you just made, curve the wire using a twist of your wrist to roll the wire over a single prong (think of the twisting motion you use with a screwdriver). You may have to release the wire and continue the rolling motion a little further down the wire to complete the circle. Don’t worry if the circle doesn’t look perfect, the shape can be finessed a little using your pliers to make minor corrections. Attach a 6mm jump ring to each pearl link end. This will be used to gather all of the center strands at each side.

One set of needle nose pliers can be used to hold the ring while a second set can give you precise leverage to open the loop. The pieces are usually so small it is difficult to hold securely with just soft fingers. Loops should be opened and closed by moving the seam end to the side, a twisting motion (think how a paper clip slides open – the shape is not distorted). If you open going against the curve of the circle it is difficult to get the circle to meet properly again to make a secure connection and the wire is more likely to break. Cut (3) 10” pieces of beading wire. Use a crimp to secure each wire to one 6mm jump ring.

To use a crimp, thread on a crimp bead and the clasp. Bring the wire back down through the crimp bead so there is about a 1” tail. Using your needle nose pliers, press the crimp flat. Test that the wire is secure before threading on beads. The beads you thread on will cover the tail so there is no need to trim.

The following strands should be temporarily secured with a piece of tape after threaded. Thread onto 1 wire 6” of 8mm pearls.

Thread onto another wire 6” of 4mm pearls.

Thread onto the last wire crystal rondelle beads separated by sets of E-beads. Alternate E-beads sets by groups of 2 and 4 between each rondelle. Thread until 6” are reached. Use a 4mm jump ring to attach a 6” piece of oval chain to the 6mm side jump ring (that now has the threaded strands on it).

Cut (2) 6” pieces of rhinestone chain and finish one end of each chain with the special rhinestone chain end. The stone is placed inside the box shape and pliers are used to carefully fold and press the 4 prongs over the top to cage the rhinestone. Use 4mm jump rings to attach these to the side 6mm jump ring as well.

Play with the strands at this point to see if after being twisted together that the ends will match up for the final connection. This is a time to determine if more beads or needed or to trim excess chain.

Finish the rhinestone chain ends and use jump rings to connect them to the last 6mm jump ring (already connected to the pearl link and the other half of the clasp).

Secure the ends of the strands to the other 6mm jump ring using crimp beads. After threading the wire back through the crimp, go through a few beads as well and gently pull until there are no gaps between the beads and the crimp. Press the crimp flat and this time trim off the excess wire.

Create the 3 dangles by placing a bicone onto a head pin and finishing with a simple top loop. Open the end loops to connect the dangles to the loop on the pearl link next to the circle end of the clasp.


Refer to photo for project details.