80s Party Napkin Holder/ Place Card
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80s Party Napkin Holder/ Place Card

Relive the glittery '80s with a prom theme party--far out! Designed by Sherrie Ragsdale, Plaid Creative Team
Craft Time: Under 30 mins
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Material List

  • Plaid® FolkArt® Acrylic Paint- Licorice and Lemon Custard
  • Plaid® Mod Podge® Sparkle- 8 oz.
  • The Paper Company- Metallic Cover Silver Cardstock
  • The Paper Company- Metallic Cover Sea Glass Cardstock
  • The Paper Company- Double Sided Cardstock Light Fuchsia
  • Glitter- Silver
  • Silver Wire- 18 Gauge
  • Wooden Large Star
  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue
  • Glue Stick
  • Wire Cutters
  • 3/4
  • Liner Brush
  • Staples
  • Scissors
  • Needle Nose Pliers
  • Wire Clippers

Project Instructions

Step: 1

Cover the metallic cardstock with the Mod Podge and sprinkle with glitter while it is still wet. Allow to dry and then cut out an 8" x 1-1/2" piece. Staple ends together. Set aside.

Step: 2

Paint the star Lemon Custard and allow to dry. Add Sparkle Mod Podge on top and allow to dry. Hot glue to the silver ring.

Step: 3

Use pliers to make a swirl with the wire and cut to desire size. Hot glue into place.

Step: 4

To make the place card, cut out a 3" x 1¼" piece of sea glass card stock, and then cut a slightly smaller piece of pink card stock. Glue together with glue stick.

Step: 5

Use liner brush and Licorice to paint guest's name on the card. Outline in black.


Reverse the color combination on half of the place cards, using a blue background and pink for the name.