Adjustable Wire-Wrapped Ring
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Adjustable Wire-Wrapped Ring

Use simple wire wrapping techniques to create a unique piece of jewelry that you’ll love to wear.

Designed by Wyatt White

Craft Time: 60+ minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • German Style Square Wire NT Silver Plate (20 gauge)
  • German Style Round Wire NT Silver Plate (26 gauge)
  • Curved Chain Nose Pliers
  • Nipper
  • Ring Mandrel (or a 5/8” dowel)

Project Instructions

Cut three pieces of 20 gauge wire approximately 3½" in length, then straighten these wires.

Cut one piece of 26 gauge wire approximately 24" in length.

Use the round wire to wrap around one piece of square wire approximately ¾" from one end, making two complete overhand revolutions onto the square wire.

Lay the second piece of square wire onto the first piece of square wire and wrap the round wire in the opposite direction as the first wrapping, making two complete revolutions with the round wire onto the second piece of square wire.

Lay the third and final piece of square wire onto the first two pieces of square wire. Wrap overhand with the round wire onto the square wire, making two complete revolutions.

Continue to wrap the round wire around the square wire, reversing the direction of the wrap. This will make a nice “V” pattern of wraps onto the square wire with the double wraps of the round wire.

A size 6 ring requires approximately 2¼" of wrapped wire to form. Adjust the length of the wrapped section to suit the size of the ring desired. This is an adjustable ring, so this measurement is not absolute.

Once the amount of wrapped section is created, cut the round wire so that the end can be tucked to the inside of two pieces of square. Use a ring mandrel (or dowel) and bend the form around one size smaller than the desired ring size. This will allow for the wire to spring back to the correct size. Because the ring is adjustable, forming it around a dowel will work, then open or close it to the correct size.

Allow the ends of the ring to “bypass” one another as the ring is shaped. You will now have three pieces of square wire pointing in one direction, and three pieces of square wire pointing in the opposite direction.

The size of the swirls depends on the length of the six pieces of square wire. Cut each of the pieces to approximately ½" sticking out from the last wrap on each individual wire.

Grasp one wire at a time at the end and begin coiling the wire with small movements. Practicing this with extra wire before doing it on the ring is always advisable to attain better looking swirls.

Alternate the direction of the swirls to your taste.


Refer to photo for project details.