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Here are some quick tips for adjusting the size of your afghan project.

Q. How do IĀ alter an afghan design to make a bedspread using a lighter weight yarn?

A. The first step is to select the yarn you would like to use, and check the label to see what size hook is recommended. If your design is made up of motifs, the next step is to crochet a motif, keeping track of how many yards of yarn you use to make it. Then measure the finished size of the motif and determine how many motifs you need to make the bedspread the size you want. Now multiply the number of motifs needed by the number of yards it took to make one motif and you'll find the total yardage needed. You'll also need to purchase extra yarn for the border. Because you're increasing the size of this pattern, the border will need to be adjusted, as well.

Q. How do I change the size of an afghan pattern?

A. One way to adjust the size of the afghan is to simply change the weight of yarn and crochet hook size and then follow the pattern as written. If you want to decrease the size, use a lighter weight yarn and a smaller hook. If you want to increase the size, you might first try just using a larger hook. If you don't get the results you want, try a larger hook with a heavier weight yarn or multiple strands of yarn. Make a 4-inch gauge swatch to determine how much yarn you'll need for the size afghan you want to make.

Q. How do I alter the number of stitches in the design?

A. Figure the number of stitches in the pattern repeat (which is either in parentheses or following a star symbol) and add or subtract a multiple of these stitches to the beginning chain. Keep in mind, however, that a design with intricate edging has been written to incorporate a certain number of stitches and rows to make the edging work. When you alter the number of stitches and rows, you may also have to adjust the edging. Just be patient and work with it until you achieve the results you want. Who knows, you might become inspired to create your own designs!

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