Aimee Ray's Merry Mushroom Pincushion
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Aimee Ray's Merry Mushroom Pincushion

There isn't much cuter than this adorable pincushion, decorated with three dimensional mushrooms. Follow Aimee Ray's instructions to learn the simple technique of stumpwork, in which you'll stitch over a small piece of felt to make a rounded shape. All you'll need is a few scraps of felt, embroidery floss and, of course, a needle. Don't forget to download the template with pattern pieces, too.

Stumpwork is used to create three dimensional embroidery art. Padded Stumpwork pieces are the most basic technique, created by stitching a small felt piece onto a background and then stitching over it with the Satin Stitch to create a rounded shape. This is how you can create the cute mushrooms on this simple to sew pincushion!

Aimee Ray is an illustrator, blogger and talented maker of things. She is the author of several books, including the recently published Doodle Stitching: Embroidery and Beyond, available for purchase online at the Michaels Bookstore.

Click on this image to download the design's template.

Craft Time: varies
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Printable Templates – Shapes for Mushrooms, Grass and Pincushion Side
  • Felt Squares, 7" – Green and Blue
  • Felt, Small Scraps – Red and White
  • Embroidery Floss – Dark Coral (1 Skein), Coral (1 Skein), Light Coral (1 Skein), Green (1 Skein) and White (1 Skein)
  • Stuffing (to Fill Pincushion)

Project Instructions

Step 1  Print and transfer the templates onto the felt and cut out the pincushion side, the grass strip, and the mushroom shapes (five tops and five bottoms). Also cut two 2" (5.1cm) circles for the top and base: one green, one blue.

Step 2  Sew the green strip to the blue felt using small Running Stitches.

Step 3  Position the white mushroom bottoms on the felt background, spacing them evenly around the pincushion and leaving room above each one for the mushroom tops. You can flip some over to the “wrong” side for variety. Sew them on using the Stab Stitch, keeping your stitches small and close together.

Step 4  Using white floss, sew Satin Stitches vertically over each white felt piece.

Step 5  Sew each mushroom top in place, tucking a small amount of stuffing underneath. Sew a horizontal Satin Stitch over each felt piece.

Step 6  Sew a few white Satin Stitch spots on each mushroom top. Don’t pull your stitches too tightly.

Step 7  Sew a few blades of grass using the Straight Stitch.

Step 8  Fold the embroidered felt strip into a circle, overlapping the ends slightly. Sew the ends together using the Whip Stitch.

Step 9  Sew the bottom circle in place at the base with a Whip Stitch.

Step 10  Sew the top circle in place at the top with a Whip Stitch, tucking stuffing inside before closing the seam.

Craft Notes

Stuffing such as polyester fiber fill is perfect for filling your pincushion form.