Aleene’s® Flexible Stretchable™ Fabric Glue
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Aleene’s® Flexible Stretchable™ Fabric Glue

Item# gc0364

Use Aleene's Flexible & Stretchable for embellishing and repairing stretchable fabrics, including t-shirts and knits.


  • Fabric, Glitter, Rhinestones, Pearls /  Fabric
  • Knit fabrics, T-shirts, Denim, - Rhinestones

DIRECTIONS & TIPS FOR USING Aleene's Flexible & Stretchable: Pre-wash garment. Squeeze a small amount of glue onto project surface. Push embellishment into glue to form a setting.

TEMPERATURE RECOMMENDATIONS/LIMITATIONS: For optimal adhesion, apply at room temperature; store in dry place.

CURE RATE & DRYING TIME: Dry in 24 hours. Cures in 7-10 days.
CLEAN UP & REMOVAL RECOMMENDATIONS: While wet, remove excess glue with a damp cloth.

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  • Non Toxic
  • Kid Friendly
  • Flammable
  • Waterproof
  • Dries Clear
  • Repositionable