Aleene's® Polka-dot Bird Magnets
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Aleene's® Polka-dot Bird Magnets

A quick giftable idea that you can personalize with your own hand-painted papers -- or create your custom magnets with scrapbook cardstock and Aleene's(R) Magnetic Tacky Dots.
Craft Time: 30 minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Aleene's® Magnetic Tacky Dots
  • Aleene's® Clear Gel Tacky Glue
  • Aleene's® Tacky Dot Singles™ -- Large
  • Aleene's® Tacky Dot Singles™ -- Small
  • Wood Gift Box, Small
  • Watercolor Paper
  • Acrylic Paint – Colors of Choice
  • Paintbrush
  • Wax Paper
  • Pencil (with Round Eraser)
  • Cosmetic Sponges
  • Wet Wipe
  • Bird Pattern of Choice
  • Sewing Machine
  • Thread (or Permanent Marking Pen, Fine-tip) – Black
  • Craft Foil

Project Instructions

Step 1 Paint your wood gift box inside and out with acrylic paint. Set aside to dry. Squeeze a small puddle of Aleene's® Clear Gel Tacky Glue onto wax paper. Dip eraser into glue.


Step 2 Press onto watercolor paper. Repeat to create polka-dot pattern on paper. Be sure to work quickly, as this glue resist technique works best when the glue remains wet.

Step 3 Using cosmetic sponges, dab acrylic paint over wet glue. (Be sure to use a dabbing motion rather than a swiping motion. This will help keep your glue in the circle patterns.)

Step 4 While paint and glue is still wet, use wet wipe to gently wipe away each wet glue dot. This will leave behind a white dot on the paper. (If desired, you can create other designs with the Aleene's® Clear Gel Tacky Glue to create paint resist designs.)

Step 5 When entire paper is completely painted and dry, transfer a bird pattern to the back of watercolor paper.

Step 6 Cut small hearts for the bird wings. I like to add another decorative element to my birds by stitching along the edge with my sewing machine. Or you can use a black permanent marker to draw stitch lines along the edge of the bird and wings. Glue wings onto birds.

Step 7 Apply Aleene's® Magnetic Tacky Dots to the back of each bird.

Step 8 To create the polka dots on the box, apply Aleene's Tacky Dot Singles™.

Step 9 Press craft foil over exposed glue.

Step 10 Lift to reveal foiled dot. Repeat to cover the entire box with foiled dots.

Step 11 If desired, tuck your polka-dot bird magnets inside your gift box.

Craft Notes

Crafted for Michaels by Tiffany Windsor courtesy of cool2craft.