Amy Labbe Necklace
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Amy Labbe Necklace

Amy Labbe designs the Art-i-Cake by Amy Labbe line carried at Michaels. She graduated from KU with degree in Journalism and Art. Amy lives in small town America with her husband, three children, and two chocolate labs. She says, “This art mixes my loves; old ephemera, my collection of heritage photos, antiques, painting, collaging, my obsession with jewelry, and brassy personality all into one awesome form of art. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!”

Amy's Tip:

“I was reading a blog recently…. I thought it was quite humorous. It was taking a poll on “What is the most important quality in a beauty queen? 1. Physical Beauty? 2. Sex Appeal? 3. Intelligence/Wisdom? 4. Self-Confidence? 5. Humility?” NONE OF THE ABOVE. It’s the JEWELRY! Take the Dutchess of York….Not going to win Miss America but her jewelry ROCKED! My mother says I have always been fascinated by Queens and Crowns. She still has the picture I drew with crayons at 3 years old. It is of a queen smoking a cigarette! She should have guessed at that point I was going to be a mess! (a fun one though). So I guess you could say my inspiration was…..the crown jewels! If the tiara fits... wear it.”


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Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Bucket of Pearls by Bead Landing™
  • Bead Landing™ Night and Day™: Bows and rhinestone circle, Rhinestone chain with lace, iridescent charms, large hematite pendant, and buttons with pearl centers.
  • Industrial Chic™: large Rhinestone Brushed Metal Pendant.
  • Art-i-cake: Queen Bee, Rhinestone choker.
  • Head Pins, Jump Rings, and scrap pieces of Gunmetal Chain
  • 22 gauge Silver Wire

Project Instructions

I began the piece by drilling 3 extra holes in top as well as bottom of the Industrial Chic rhinestone piece. That way it is easier to wire,and jump ring to our Rhinestone choker. After securing with jump rings and wire to center of choker, attach Bee to center hole of the brushed metal rhinestone piece.

Using jump rings,attach the Bead Landing™ Night and Day™ collection chain around the center rhinestone piece. Secure to Rhinestone choker, as well as through your drilled holes on the Industrial Chic piece. For added security, I attached with another jump ring where the Art-i-cake queen Bee attached to center rhinestone piece. My philosophy stands on securing pieces in place also…more is more.

Attach the large hematite glass pendant by dropping down with 3 jump rings so it hangs well below our queen bee.

Using your head pins, and your bucket of pearls, make a bunch of pearl drops. Make sure you use the extra small ones first,because the bigger pearls have bigger holes and slide right off the ends. Using a wire wrapping technique with your round nosed pliers, make a loop. Cut off excess wire.

Using your scrap of chain attach various pieces around each level of the necklace. This will bulk up your piece as well as give your additional areas to attach your pearl drops you just made. Add the Buttons, pearl drops and iridescent drops in to fill out the piece.

Last but not least, add the circle rhinestone piece to the end (in case you wear your hair up, that way you have something cute hanging from the back). That finishes your Crown Jewel necklace.

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