Antique Rust Decorative Pot
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Antique Rust Decorative Pot

Want to add a little pizzazz to a plain ceramic or clay pot? Create the perfect rust patina décor for a sophisticated look with your favorite silk or dried flower arrangement without waiting the months and years nature takes. This project will give you that shabby chic look EASILY. And the best thing is, it will work on most any surface.

Designed by Beth Wild

Craft Time: 60+ minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Metallic Surfacer Instant Iron
  • Metallic Surfacer Instant Rust
  • Primer & Clear Sealer
  • Decorative vase
  • Sponge brush, 1 inch
  • Disposable gloves
  • Newspaper

Project Instructions

Step: 1

Prime pot with Modern Options Primer & Clear Sealer. You do not need to prime the inside of the pot. Let it dry completely.

Step: 2

Pour Modern Options Instant Iron into disposable plate, pour out only what you think you will need. Using brush, brush on Instant Iron on all exterior surfaces of the pot. Only apply the Instant Rust where you want it.

Step: 3

Don't worry about getting a thick coat the first time. Allow to dry, about an hour, and repeat. Two to three coats is optimal. Allow to completely dry after final coat at least 12 hours. Dispose of plate and brush, the iron in the Instant Iron really shreds brushes.

Step: 4

Pour Modern Options Instant Rust into disposable plate, pour out only what you think you will need. Using brush, brush on Instant Rust on all surfaces covered with Instant Iron. The Instant Rust is very thin and drippy, so this can be messy, be sure to have a thick surface of newspaper or plastic drop cloth under your pot when you do this.

Step: 5

Be sure that all areas covered with Instant Iron are “wet” with the Instant Rust solution. Don't worry it puddles a little on the base or in crevices, it will just rust more there, just like nature would do. When completely covered let it dry. BE PATIENT, the rust will start to appear within 10 minutes, so wait an hour before you decide to repeat this process for a really rusty look. Once you know you have the look you want, dispose of cup and either clean or dispose of brush.

Step: 6

If you decide to seal your ceramic or clay pot, test the sealer on an inconspicuous area to see if you like the color it might change to. It really is a personal choice.

Step: 7

Once it is completely dry you can fill it with a beautiful dried or silk flower arrangement and set it in its place for a real faux effect, no one will know it is not a collectible find from your last antique scavenge hunt. Can you believe how easy that was? And if your pot wasn't too big you have enough left over to rust something else.


For best results prime your surfaces, a 10 minute step protects the object and the patina.

Start with a regular coat of patina, be patient and wait for the effect to happen, if after a few hours you want a little more rust, add more solution. The final finish will completely develop over a couple of days.