Artist's Loft™ Art Bouquet Project
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Artist's Loft™ Art Bouquet Project

Ready for some eye-popping art work for your walls? Use Artitst's Loft 4"x4" canvases to create mini works of art that look as good together as they do apart!
Craft Time: 60+ minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Artist’s Loft® Acrylic Paint – Primary Blue, Primary Red, Primary Yellow, Phthalo Green, Mars Black and Titanium White
  • Artist’s Loft™ Gel Mediums – Gloss and Iridescent
  • Artist’s Loft™ Deco Canvas, 4"x4" (9-pk.)
  • Artist’s Loft™ White Synthetic Brushes – 8 Bright and 6 Round
  • Artist’s Loft™ Palette – 7" Round and Plastic
  • Photographs and/or Magazine Cutouts of Flower Related Imagery for Collage
  • Photocopies of Flower Related Imagery for Acrylic Transfers
  • Masking tape
  • Scissors
  • Non-stick Surface (i.e. Glass Palette)
  • Container of Lukewarm Water
  • Paper (or Cloth Towel)
  • Wax Paper
  • Weight (or Something Heavy to Flatten Acrylic Transfer While Drying)

Project Instructions

Getting Started

Step 1 Choose flower images from your own photos or ones you gather from magazines. Consider the use of printed patterns like photos of flowers, dresses or even real fabrics.

Step 2 To get started, draw inspiration from the colors in the photographs you have collected.

Acrylic Transfers

Step 3 Select image of your choice: newspaper, magazine, photograph or computer laser (not ink-jet) print. Make a photocopy of your selected image in either black and white or color.

Step 4 Position photocopy image side-up on to a non-stick surface and tape around the edges.

Step 5 Using the size 8 Bright brush, apply 1–2 coats of gloss gel. Note: The image may buckle slightly when gloss gel is applied. Apply each coat 1/16"–1/8" thick. If applying two coats, allow first coat to thoroughly dry before applying second coat (approximately 24–48 hours).

Step 6 Cut around tape and remove image from surface. Submerge in lukewarm water and soak 10–15 minutes. Do not soak paper longer than 20 minutes.

Step 7 Remove image from water and using your fingers, gently rub off paper from back of image. Rub off top layer of paper only and submerge image into container of warm water. Repeat this step until only the image remains.

Step 8 Blot with paper or cloth towel. Place flat between layers of wax paper. Weight top and let dry, ensuring that image dries flat.

Step 9 Remove when dry (24–48 hours). Select canvas that transfer is to be adhered to.

Step 10 Coat the side of the transfer that is to be affixed to the canvas with gloss gel. Quickly position the transfer onto the support (i.e. canvas) and press.

Step 11 Cut or tear pictures and arrange them on canvases and look for similar colors and textures that relate to one another. Use the images as a starting point for over painting. Gel medium is the proper choice for gluing down your images as acrylic is a very strong adhesive.

Finishing Touches

Step 12 Let yourself be creative and feel free to embellish your images with iridescent medium to add sparkle, brilliance and shine. Iridescent medium can be mixed with color or applied directly on top of transfers and collages. Note: Iridescent effect is best achieved when mixed with transparent colors.


All nine canvases can include variations of both the transfer and collage techniques or you may decide to simply paint some of them using the included gel and iridescent mediums.

Craft Notes

Know Your Terms Mediums: Mediums are used to change the viscosity of your paint to thick or thin and to a shiny or matte surface. Mediums can also add texture and body to your acrylic color. Collage: From the French "coller", to glue. Made from an assemblage of different forms. Transfer: Acrylic transfers allow artists to transfer images from magazines and photos without sacrificing the original. A copy of the original can be made so that the image can be transferred to your desired surface. Know Your Mediums Gloss Gel: Adds thickness and body to your acrylic color while adding a shiny gloss finish. Iridescent Medium: Adds an iridescent shine when mixed with transparent colors. Used alone, it provides a Mother of Pearl effect.