Asian Gong Necklace
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Asian Gong Necklace

Geometric design combines with a beautiful centerpiece in this dapping necklace project.

Designed by Mary Feliciano for Horizon Group USA.

Craft Time: 30-60 minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Jewelry Essentials Tools Side Cutters
  • Jewelry Essentials Tools Chain Nose Pliers
  • Jewelry Essentials Tools Flat Nose Pliers
  • Dapping Tools Wood Dapping Block Nat
  • Dapping Tools Mini Anvil Silver
  • Dapping Tools Steel Hole Punch Silver
  • Dapping Tools Ball Peen Hammer 4 oz. Nat
  • Dapping Tools Long Nose Pliers Blk
  • Dapping Tools Dapping Block Rubber Blk
  • Dapping Tools Wire Alum 16 Gauge Copper 5yd
  • Dapping Tools Wire Alum 16 Gauge Silver 5yd
  • Dapping Tools Circle Sre Metal Blanks Multi
  • Jewelry Essentials 26g Brass Wire
  • 2-Part Epoxy or Ice Resin
  • 16” or 18” Necklace Chain of Your Choice
  • Safety Goggles

Project Instructions

Wear your safety goggles before handling dapping tools.


Wire-wrapping to connect two wires: Take a thin gauge wire (26 gauge works nicely) and cut a piece of wire to about 18-inches in length.  Begin by wrapping one end tightly around both pieces of wire. Continue by taking the long - “working end” of wire and wrap 3 full rotations on your first wire then jump to your second wire and make another 3 full rotations.


Keep going back and forth between your first and second wire making 1 to 2 full rotations on each wire with each pass until your wire is held firmly in place. Cut off the excess wire.


Cut the following wire in the following lengths and quantity as noted in the parentheses per line:

a. (1) silver tone 16G wire: 4 ½-inches

b. (1) copper tone 16 G wire: 4 ¾-inches

c. (2) copper tone 16 G wire 4-inch

d. (3) brass tone 26G wire 18-inch

e. (1) brass tone 26G wire 24-inch

f. (2) brass tone 26G wire 12-inch


Take all your 16 G wires and flatten about ¼-inch on both ends of each wire by hammering them with the ball peen hammer on your mini anvil. 


Take your flattened copper-tone 4 ¾-inch wire and one 4-inch copper tone wire, overlap both wires to meet at about 1-inch mark from top end to form the letter “V.” Wire-wrap the two perpendicular wires in place with your first 18-inch 26G wire. 


Take your second 4-inch copper wire and repeat process, this time the letter “V” should be facing the opposite side out.


Form a full triangle shape with your two 4-inch wires by overlapping the bottom ends to meet at the ½-inch mark then wire wrap on mark to secure with your third 18-inch wire. This will now be called “triangle.”


Take one large silver round blank, place it on your steel bench block, hold metal blank with your long nose pliers and hammer using your textured hammer. Place the textured blank on your wood dapping block where it fits and hammer to form a concave shape.   


Put a few drops of your 2-part epoxy or resin mix on the deepest part of your concave shape. Take a bead of your choice (one that has a flat back and place the bead directly on top of the epoxy. Let it sit to dry.


Take your 24-inch piece of wire and insert 12-inches through the hole of your pendant. Twist the hanging ends until you have twisted 1-inch of wire together. Fold the twisted wire in half and insert the two wire ends back through the hole in the pendant to create a loop. Now take your wire ends and wrap them around the middle of your 4 ¾-inch copper tone wire. Make 3 full wire rotations around the copper wire then go back to the twisted wire area and wire wrap the loop until you have fully covered the loop. Take your wire ends and make another 3 full rotations around your copper wire (do not cut ends).


Take your 4 1/2 inch silver-tone wire and place this directly parallel to your 4 ¾-inch side of your triangle.  Thread the silver tone wire through a small jump ring and move the jump ring to the center of the wire and hold it in place. Using the hanging wire, wire wrap the silver-tone wire and copper-tone parallel wires together until your silver-tone wire and center jump ring are completely secured.


Take your first 12-inch piece of wire and use this to wire-wrap one end of the silver-tone wire where it meets the copper-tone wire. Repeat on the opposite end of the silver tone wire with your second 12-inch piece of wire.


Insert your chain through the middle jump ring.


Your necklace is now complete.