Autumn Fire Memory Wire Bracelet
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Autumn Fire Memory Wire Bracelet

This attractive and easy-to-make memory wire bracelet has coils of fiery reds, oranges and golds. Use the Darice® Bead Spinner to add beads to your wire, eliminating the need to pick up and thread each bead by hand.

Designed by Marie Vetrano

Craft Time: 30 minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Toho Metallic E Bead, 4mm – Burgundy and Purple
  • Toho Round Bead, 11/0 – Silver-Lined Red
  • Toho Bead, 11/0 – Gold
  • Toho E Bead, 4mm – Silver-Lined Gold
  • Toho Trans E Bead, 4mm – Rainbow Orange
  • Toho Bead, 11/0 – Bronze
  • Beadalon® Memory Wire
  • Darice® Bead Spinner
  • Round Nose Pliers
  • Memory Wire Shears

Project Instructions

Empty beads into bead spinner bowl. Mix them with your fingers. 

Make a small loop at one end of the memory wire using round nose pliers. Make sure loop end is flush against wire so beads won't fall off. 

Switch on bead spinner. Dip fingers into center of bowl to well up beads along the sides. 

Separate wire, using both hands, then dip wire end slightly into bowl at an angle and allow the beads to feed onto wire. Turn wire end up before removing from bowl to slide the beads down onto the coils. 

As coils fill, a random pattern will occur with the smaller and larger beads. 

Fill coils until you have about ½" of wire remaining. Use round nose pliers to loop the end. Be sure to close end of loop.


The bracelet shown has 12 beaded coils-you can cut the memory wire using memory wire shears if you want a smaller beaded coil. It is very helpful to have extra beads in the Bead Spinner bowl and only skim the surface of the beads to load the wire. Do not let wire hit bottom or sides of the bowl. This will cause beads to fly everywhere-just skim surface of beads.