BRIDES® Vintage Key Escort Tags
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BRIDES® Vintage Key Escort Tags

Using keys as escort cards is one of the most common ways to use keys at weddings {and no wonder, it’s a FABULOUS idea!} This easy project will make a big impact at your wedding.
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • BRIDES® Chalkboard Tags
  • BRIDES® Charms – Vintage Key
  • BRIDES® Chalk Marker
  • Ribbon – Color of Choice
  • Scissors

Project Instructions

Step 1
Cut a piece of ribbon approximately 6½" long.

Step 2
Fold ribbon in half and feed the two ends of the ribbon through the hole in the BRIDES® chalkboard tag.

Step 3
Then feed the ends of the ribbon through the top of the BRIDES® vintage key charm.

Step 4
Pull the ribbon ends back through the loop of the ribbon at the top of the tag. Pull tightly to secure the ribbon, charm, and tag together.

Step 5
Using the BRIDES® chalk marker, write guest’s name and table number on the chalkboard tag.

Step 6
Attach each finished escort tag to the bulletin board using stick pins. Be sure to arrange the escort cards on the board alphabetically, by last name.



Be sure to arrange the finished escort cards on a board alphabetically, or by last name.