Baby Shower Game Box
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Baby Shower Game Box

Create a game box that also doubles as a baby shower decor element!

Designed by Celeste Crockett courtesy of DCWV.

Craft Time: 60+ minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • DCWV® Paper Stack, 12"x12" - Baby Boy or Baby Girl
  • Photo Box - Kraft
  • Wilton® Decorate a Bib Shower Game
  • Silk Ribbon, 3/8" - Orange
  • Bead Landing™ Charms - Butterfly and Baby Feet
  • Jump Rings
  • Paper Trimmer, 12"
  • Paper Crafting Adhesive
  • Double-stick Tape
  • Needle Nose Pliers
  • Scissors

Project Instructions

Begin by covering the box lid. To do this, pull out the "wavy line" print and cut four strips, ensuring that they are two rows wide. Attach these to the side panels of the lid. Trim where necessary.

Select four coordinating prints and cut each one to the following sizes for the lid: 7"x11¼", 6½"x9", 6"x8½" and 5¾"x8¼". Adhere all of these sections together with the largest section on the bottom, stacking until the smallest is on the top.

Cut two pieces of the orange ribbon, both 20" long. Take the first piece and cover one side with double-stick tape. Turn the ribbon over so that the tape side is facing down (leave additional ribbon on each end to fold around lid of box). Beginning 1" down from the top corner stretch ribbon diagonally to the bottom corner, ending 1" from the bottom. Wrap loose ends down side of lid. Repeat on other side to make an "X".

Finish off the top of the box with a bow by taking your ribbon spool and looping it back and forth six to eight times. Tie off the middle with string or wire. Wrap a small piece of ribbon around the middle and adhere it in place. Add a baby feet charm to the center of the bow by threading it through a jump ring and attach the jump ring in the center of the bow. Adhere the bow directly to the box in the area where the ribbons cross on the top.

Once your lid is finished, move on to the rest of the box. Choose two coordinating prints that also work well with the lid and cut two strips of paper from each, the first print measuring 11"x3¼" and the other side measuring 11"x1¼". Adhere the smaller of the two strips along the bottom of the box on each side. Adhere the larger of the two strips directly above the smaller strips on each side. From the scraps, cut two more pieces from each page, the first print measuring 7½"x3¼" and the second print measuring 7½"x1¼". Adhere these in the same order as on the long sides of the box.

If desired, add a name to the front of the box and put games inside.


Depending on which box you choose for this project, the measurements might be slightly different. Please verify before cutting.

If your box has a nameplate, you will need to use your craft knife to cut off the excess paper around it and then push the edges underneath.

Adjust colors and patterns to match your shower theme.