Baby Shower Party Banner
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Baby Shower Party Banner

Announce your new arrival to the world with this cute banner designed to match your shower theme. Designed by Kelly Goree for BasicGrey®.
Craft Time: varies
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • 2 sheets double-sided BasicGrey® paper of choice – Pattern 1
  • 1 sheet double-sided BasicGrey® paper of choice - Pattern 2
  • 1 sheet double-sided BasicGrey® paper of choice - Solid
  • 1 sheet white cardstock
  • Favorite adhesive
  • Dimensional adhesive
  • Diecut machine to cut title (or alphabet stickers in coordinating color)
  • Trimmer or craft knife/cutting mat
  • 1/8” hole punch
  • 2” circle punch
  • Scallop Border punch
  • Martha Stewart™ Double Monarch butterfly punch
  • Fine-tipped scissors
  • White Opaque pen
  • Black journaling pen
  • Twine (or another string to thread the banner together)
  • Triangle (banner) template
  • Thin cardboard (optional)

Project Instructions


Cutout banner template and trace eight times onto double-sided BasicGrey paper of choice (pattern 1). Trace three more times onto a second sheet of double-sided BasicGrey paper of choice (solid). If desired, back banner pieces with thin cardboard for extra stability.

Layout the banner pieces point down so they are in this order: solid, four patterns, solid, four patterns then the final solid.

Draw a dashed line along the sides of the solid banners.

Punch out eight 2” circles from white cardstock. Draw dashed lines around the perimeter of each with black pen. Adhere a circle to each patterned banner so that it fits perfectly side to side.

Cut “Baby Girl” title with a diecut machine twice. Add a letter to each white circle as shown, then add it again using dimensional adhesive. (Alternate: Use alphabet stickers to create the title).

Trim three ½”x12” strips of double-sided paper (pattern 2). Trim each of these into 4” strips. Adhere a 4” piece horizontally across the top of each patterned banner.

Punch four ½”x12” strips of solid paper using a scallop border punch. Trim each of these into 4” sections. Adhere these horizontally across the top of each solid banner and under the patterned strip on the patterned banners.

Draw a dashed line across the top of each scalloped strip with a white opaque pen.

Cut out the floral elements (or any design element) from the remaining patterned paper. Adhere onto the three solid banners as shown. Raise some elements with dimensional adhesive for depth.

Punch fourteen butterflies using remaining scraps using the Double Monarch butterfly punch. Adhere one butterfly to each patterned banner near the alphabet letter as desired. Adhere two butterflies per solid banner where desired.

Overlap the top corner of one banner with the one next to it. Punch the corners with an 1/8” punch then separate and string with twine.

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