Bachelorette T-Shirt
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Bachelorette T-Shirt

Let your imagination run wild. Make your own creative bridal party T-shirts with the YUDU® machine and get the party off to a stylish start.

Designed by Provo Craft®

Craft Time: 60+ minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

Project Instructions

Design your T-shirt artwork on the computer and print out in black and white on a Yudu transparency. You can also use a Cricut® machine and cartridges to create your T-shirt artwork.

Wet 110 mesh screen on both sides. Once wet, turn the flat side of screen face up. Carefully place the emulsion sheet down onto the screen with the shiny side facing up. Once the sheet is down, do not try to move it. Use the squeegee to smooth out all the bubbles. Turn the screen over and use your finger to rub any areas that are white. Place screen in fan tray to dry completely.

Place your transparency artwork (or cut out black cardstock design) on the Yudu light table. When screen is completely dry, peel off shiny plastic and put that side down on the transparency. Put platen with black foam facing down. Place something on top of platen to weigh down on design and screen. Press the middle button with the sun on it. It will expose the emulsion for 8 minutes. Take the screen out. The emulsion should be blue, and your design should be green. Rinse the green from your design with water. Use finger to rub away the green emulsion under running water if necessary.

Put T-shirt on platen in desired position. Smooth out any wrinkles. Place platen on registration posts. Place screen on top lid of Yudu machine. Squeeze a thick line of ink across the top of your screen, right above design. Lift lid and use squeegee to flood screen with ink before you apply to shirt. Push lid down. Scrape up ink and put above design again. Pull ink down screen with medium to high pressure. Let dry. Heat set and wear!


Refer to photo for project details.