Bamboo Blossom Candle
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Bamboo Blossom Candle

Turn a plain candle into a beautiful glowing Asian home décor accessory. It will make a wonderful addition to your home or make it as a gift for anyone who enjoys the Asian decor influence in their home. Designed by: Andrea Rothenberg for Plaid
Craft Time: 60+ minutes
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Material List

  • Vanilla Square Pillar Candle, 6-inch
  • Apple Barrel Colors®, Bright Magenta
  • Apple Barrel Colors®, Hunter Green
  • Apple Barrel Colors®, King's Gold
  • Apple Barrel Colors®, Light Pink
  • Apple Barrel Colors®, Sage Green
  • Simply® Stencils Spring Vines
  • Stencil Spouncers, ¾-inch
  • FolkArt® Glass & Tile Medium
  • Bamboo pieces
  • Water container

Project Instructions

Step: 1

Use a paper or foam plate as a palette for your paints. Squirt out a nickel size amount of each color around the plate. Squirt out approx. half that amount of Glass and Tile Medium on top of each color. Use a craft stick or the edge of the spouncer to mix each color together with the medium.

Step: 2

Use a soft cloth or paper towel to apply the gold paint to the sides of the candle, wiping off the excess, leaving color in the textured grooves of the surface. Allow to dry.

Step: 3

Take the stencil and lay it on one side of the candle. Move it around on the surface to decide the best area of the design you wish to fit in that area. To begin stenciling, dab the spouncer into the paint. Dab off the excess paint on the plate or a paper towel. You do not need a lot of paint on the spouncer to stencil. Be sure to use a clean or new spouncer for each color.

Step: 4

Stencil the leaves Sage Green. Add some Hunter Green around the edges and the stems. Stencil the flower blossoms first with Light Pink and then add a bit of Bright Magenta here and there for highlights.

Step: 5

Use a craft knife to cut the bamboo into eight pieces each 7½'-inch long. Glue a piece at the edge of each side, keeping one end of the bamboo flush with the top edge of the candle. The pieces may not fit perfectly together at each corner since the bamboo pieces are not all exactly straight.

Step: 6

Use the craft knife to split a bamboo piece in half lengthwise. These split pieces will cover the bottom edge of the candle on each side between the bamboo poles. Each one will have to be measure separately for length since the poles are different widths. Measure and glue each split piece at the bottom of the candle edge.


You can use another light color candle to coordinate with your décor. You can also use the same technique to make candles of different sizes for a beautiful grouping.