Bandana Wrap Bracelet (or Choker)
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Bandana Wrap Bracelet (or Choker)

Great project for young adults! Make one for yourself, then one for each of your friends. Customize colors for personal taste, school spirit, holidays, etc.

Designed by Wendy Cooper.

Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Hemp, 20 lb. – Color of Choice
  • Bandana, 22"x22" – Color of Choice
  • Button (2-hole or No-hole with Shank in Back), 5/8"
  • Wooden Beads (2), 6mm
  • Scissors
  • Ruler

Project Instructions

Cut three ½" strips from a bandana so you have three 22"x½" pieces (cut from the patterned print of the bandana rather than from the solid colored edges).

Cut three yards of hemp. Thread button onto the three- yard piece (if using a two-hole button, thread up from underneath through one hole and then downwards again through second hole; if using a no-hole button, thread hemp through the shank). Fold hemp in half with button at fold. Make an overhand knot close to backside of button to hold button in place.

Hold the three bandana strips together and make with an overhand knot close to one end. Before tightening the knot, slip the loose ends of the hemp through the knot (button should be close to the top of the knot with loose hemp ends hanging down with the bandana strips). Tighten the knot, holding hemp strands in place.

Braid the three bandana strips (leaving the hemp alone and to the side). Braid to the end and make a loose overhand knot at end (don’t tighten too much as hemp strands will eventually be slipped through this ending knot).

Going forward, this braid will be the “filler cord” of the project while the hemp strands will be the “knotting” strands.

At top of bracelet (near button), make two square knots (SQK). Leave a ½" gap (bandana is to show through here) and make another two SQK. Repeat in this manner, leaving a ½" gap between sets of two SQK until last set of two SQK is right near ending knot of braided bandana.

Loosen bandana knot and slide the remaining hemp “knotting” strands through the knot. Tighten knot.

Using just the two hemp strands, make an overhand knot about ¾" below bandana knot (this ¾" loop, along with the button, is the “clasp” of the bracelet). Add a 6mm wooden bead to each hemp strand. Knot one strand ½" from overhand hemp knot and the other strand about 1" from hemp knot. Trim ends.

To wear, wrap bracelet around wrist twice. Slip button through the ¾" loop to “clasp.” Bracelet is also long enough to fit around most necks as a choker.

Completed bracelet measures approximately 14" long, wrapping twice around wrist.