Basic Checkerboard Bracelet and Pendant
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Basic Checkerboard Bracelet and Pendant

Simple yet striking, this bracelet and pendant set features a checkerboard cane that’s fun and easy to create.
Designed by Amy Koranek
Craft Time: 60+ minutes
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Material List

  • Craft Smart™ Clay: Black, White, Green, Blue, Light Purple (1 block each)
  • Pasta Machine
  • Acrylic Roller
  • Clay Blade
  • Needle Tool
  • Ruler or Straight Edge
  • Self Adhesive Crystals (the kind used for scrapbooking)
  • Chain of choice (for pendant)
  • Beading Wire (for bracelet)
  • Optional: Assorted Beads of choice (for bracelet)
  • Oven Proof Glass or Metal Baking Surface (craft dedicated)
  • Oven

Project Instructions

Step: 1

Read all tips in the Project Tip section below before beginning project.

Step: 2

Roll the Black clay through the pasta machine on the thickest setting (1/8-inch); repeat with the White clay. Fold each sheet in half to double the thickness and roll gently with the acrylic roller. Layer one color over the other and roll gently again. Trim edges.

Step: 3

Use the ruler to mark the top of the clay in ¼-inch sections; you will use these marks to cut ¼-inch wide strips.

Step: 4

Lay a ruler or straight edge along the 1st set of ¼-inch marks and use the clay blade to cut through to make strips. It's OK to score through the slab of clay taking several passes to cut all the way through the thickness.

Step: 5

After you cut a strip turn it upside down so that the colors alternate. Push the cut strip back to the slab. Move the straight edge over to the next ¼-inch mark and cut again.

Step: 6

Repeat this process until you have 4 alternating stripes.

Step: 7

Take the 4 stripes away from the rest of the slab. Cut the stripes in half lengthwise, and regroup one on top of the other so you have a checkerboard that is 4 x 4 stripes. Gently press on all 4 sides of the cane to push air bubbles out and join all strips together. This cane is ready to use. You can use it this size or reduce to make it smaller. You should have enough clay to make 2 canes this size.

Step: 8

Roll a sheet of Black approximately 1/8-inch thick and trim one edge (make sure the sheet of clay is wide enough to wrap all the way around the outside of the cane.). Place the checkerboard cane onto the sheet of clay positioning one corner edge of the cane along a trimmed edge of the sheet of clay. Wrap the sheet of clay around the cane until the ends meet and trim away the excess. Smooth the seam and use the acrylic roller to smooth the sheet of clay against the cane making sure there are no air bubbles. As a variation roll a sheet of Blue, Green, or Light Purple and use these colors to wrap the checkerboard cane.

Step: 9

Cut a slice about 1/8-inch to 3/16-inch thick. Use the needle tool to poke a hole in one corner for hanging. Cut as many slices as desired for pendants.

Step: 10

Take the remaining piece of cane and reduce it to the desired size for the beads.

Step: 11

Use the clay blade to cut slices that are approximately ¼-inch thick. Use the needle tool to poke a hole all the way through the cut piece. Gently twist the needle tool all the way through to one side and then turn the bead around and slide the needle tool back through the other way. Doing this will ensure you have a clean and even hole all the way through.

Step: 12

Baking and Finishing
Bake the pieces as instructed in the Project Tip section. Let cool.

Step: 13

Add self adhesive crystals as desired.

Step: 14

String the bracelet and pendant as shown or as desired.


Use photo as a guide and follow manufacturer’s instructions for all products used.

Make sure to clean hands and tools before starting project.

Do not use unbaked clay on unprotected furniture or finished surfaces.

Knead clay for 2 minutes.

Start with lighter colors and work down to darker colors to avoid discoloring of the clay.

Bake on oven-proof glass or metal surface at 275º F (130º C) for 15 minutes per ¼-inch (6mm) of thickness. Do not exceed temperatures or recommended baking time.

Do not use in microwave oven.

Baking should be completed by an adult.

Wash hands after use.