Beach Vacation Keepsake Frame
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Beach Vacation Keepsake Frame

Create this frame to remember your favorite beach vacations.
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Acrylic Box Frame, 8"x10"
  • Print or Photo, 8"x10" – Beach Vacation
  • Sand
  • Seashells – Natural or Purchased
  • Duck Tape® Rolls – Blue and White
  • Craft Glue
  • Scissors
  • Scotch® Tape
  • Craft Paint – Blue
  • Paintbrush

Project Instructions

Take the cardboard box insert out of the acrylic box frame and use scissors to cut off the face of the box. This will leave you with an open box without a lid, as opposed to the closed cube you began with. It is okay to cut the face of the box off roughly at first, then go back and work slowly to be sure that you have clean edges.

Optional: If you do not want to be able to see any exposed cardboard in the finished project, paint the short sides of the inside of your cardboard box (the areas that will be exposed once the craft is finished) with blue craft paint. Let dry.

Reinforce the corners of your cardboard box with Scotch® tape.

Cover any holes inside your cardboard box with strips of Duck Tape® (sticky-side facing out).

Glue your beach picture into the back of the cardboard box. Let dry.

With the cardboard box lying flat on its back, add sand and seashells on top of the picture.

Place the acrylic box lid over the cardboard box so that the cardboard box fits inside of the acrylic one.

Make sure that the project is lying flat on a sturdy table, and with your picture facing towards you, slowly slide the bottom edge of the box over the edge of the table.

Line the long side of a strip of blue Duck Tape® up with the edge of the acrylic box that is closest to you. Smooth the strip onto the short side of the box. Then, wrap the excess around the back of the box. Make sure you leave enough extra Duck Tape(R) on each end to wrap around both sides of the box. Remember, you want to secure the sand inside the box, so the Duck Tape® needs to cover all parts of the box besides the front.

Slide your box a little bit further off of the table, and wrap a piece of white Duck Tape® around the back of the box, about an inch above the bottom of the box. Make sure to wrap the Duck Tape® around the back of the box and up the sides, cutting it off and lining up the edges with the front of the box.

Continue this process, alternating pieces of blue and white Duck Tape® to make a striped pattern on the back of your frame. When complete, use a thin strip of white Duck Tape® to wrap all the way around the edge of the frame to clean up any rough edges of Duck Tape®.


As you are wrapping your box in Duck Tape®, eventually you will be able to stand the box up without any sand falling out. It may be easier to work with the box upright once you reach this point.