Bead Gallery Vintage Sliders Stretch Bracelet Demo
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Bead Gallery Vintage Sliders Stretch Bracelet Demo

If you missed the store demo, find out how to make this amazing vintage stretch bracelet.
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Bead Gallery Antique Silver with Aqua and Crystal Stone Sliders
  • Bead Gallery Antique Silver with Large Crystal Oval Sliders
  • 4mm Silver Plated Rounds
  • Aqua Shiny Faceted Rondelles
  • 24" Stretch Cord
  • Bead Stoppers
  • Beadalon Jewelry Cement
  • Scissors

Project Instructions

1.Cut the stretch cord into two 12-inch pieces.

2. Place one end of each cord in the bead stopper.

3. Passing the cord through the top holes of the sliders, string the following: 1 crystal oval slider, 1 4mm silver plated round, 1 aqua shiny faceted rondelle, 1 aqua and crystal slider, 1 aqua shiny faceted round, and 1 4mm silver plated round. Repeat this step two more times.

4. Add a bead stopper to the end of the stretch cord.

5. Repeat step three, passing the cord through the bottom holes of the sliders and stringing the beads as listed.

6. Holding the two ends of the top cord as one, remove the bead stopper and make an overhand knot, pulling the cord tight so that there is no slack in the cord. Place a drop of jewelry cement on the knot and let sit overnight to cure.

7. Repeat step 6 with bottom cord.

8. Trim excess cord after glue has cured on knot.