Bead Frame Cuff
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Bead Frame Cuff

Tried of string beads? Try something new! Bangles are a great way to use your beads in a different way.

Designed by Margaret Pankhurst.

Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Bangle
  • Wire, 26 ga.
  • Beads, 8-10mm
  • Wire Cutters

Project Instructions

Cut a 6" piece of wire. Thread one bead onto the 6" piece of wire, and hold this wire 1" from the end.

Wind the wire around the bead and twist.

Trim the excess with wire cutters.

Feed the beaded wire through the first hole in the cuff and place more beads onto the wire.

Stop when the beads reach the center loop on the cuff.

Feed the wire through the center loop on the bracelet.

Add a few more beads to the point of the third loop on the cuff.

Feed the wire through the third loop and place one more bead onto the wire.

Wrap the wire around the bead, and twist around the wire. Trim the excess wire with cutters.

Repeat the above step for the other two rows on the cuff.