Bead Landing Beaded Hemp and Chain Necklace
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Bead Landing Beaded Hemp and Chain Necklace

Combine Bead Landing™ Hemp and Chains create cool new looks! A combination of metallic threaded hemp, Toho E beads, wire, and copper chain strands jazz up this necklace. This necklace is easy to make and makes a wonderful accessory.

Designed by Marie Vetrano

Craft Time: varies
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Metallic Hemp Twist, 20lb (2 Pkg)
  • Toho Metallic Ebeads – Purple
  • Chain – Copper (36")
  • Wire, 20ga – Grape
  • Wire Cutters
  • Round Nose Pliers
  • Flat Nose Pliers
  • Scissors
  • Clear Nail Polish (or Fray Check)

Project Instructions

Step 1 Cut six strands of hemp 72".

Step 2 Gather three strands of hemp and fold in half. Make an overhand knot at the fold, leaving a small loop at the end. To create uniform loops at the ends: Slide a pen or pencil into the loop and snug the knot to it.

Step 3 Attach loop end to a clip board or tape to your work surface with a piece of duct tape.

Step 4 Separate the hemp into three sections – (two strands each)

Step 5 Make a series of four half knots. *Take the two left strands and pass over the center strands and under the two right strands. Then take the right strands and pass under the center, then up through the loop of the left strands. Pull tight. Repeat three more times.

Step 6 String an E bead onto the inner strands of the outer sections of hemp. Gather these two strands to the center. Make a half knot with the two outside strands. Pull tight.

Step 7 Repeat the pattern in Steps 5 and 6-9 more times.

Step 8 Tie an overhand knot close to the last half knot. Knot again. Trim ends of the strands. Refer to photo.

Step 9 Repeat Steps 2-7 to make the other half of the necklace.

Step 10 To finish this section, leave about a half inch from the last half knot before tying and overhand knot. Trim ends of the strands.

Step 11 Open the last link in the chain and attach it to the other chain end. Loop and fold chain in half and then in half again. You should have four strands of 9" chain.

Step 12 Cut a 4" length of 20ga wire. Bend one end about ¼" from the end and loop with round nose pliers. Open the loop slightly and slide each of 4 chain link ends. Close loop.

Step 13 Slide a hemp loop end over the wire and then wrap the wire around the hemp loop. Refer to photo.

Step 14 Repeat Steps 12 and 13 to complete the other side of the necklace.


Add a drop of clear nail polish or Fray Check to the ends of the cut strands to prevent the metallic threads from fraying. Attach to the clip on a clipboard or use duct tape to anchor your project as you knot the hemp. To help make loops at the end of the bracelets: Slide a pen or pencil into the loop and snug the knot to it. Refer to photo.