Beaded Wrap Bracelet
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Beaded Wrap Bracelet

Light, bright and glistening strands of seed beads are wrapped and knotted together into an attractive, free-form bracelet.

Designed by Marie Vetrano

Craft Time: 60+ minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Toho Seed Beads, 11/0 – Assorted
  • Darice® Bead Spinner
  • Beadalon® Wildfire™ Line
  • Bead Stops
  • Darice® Big Eyed Curved Needle
  • Side Cutters
  • Jump Rings

Project Instructions

Load Toho beads into bead spinner container. 

Place container into bead spinner. 

Thread Wildfire onto big eyed curved needle, and leave Wildfire line on spool. 

Switch on bead spinner, dip fingers into center of bowl so beads well up along sides.  

Dip needle into the bead spinner, at a slight angle. Hook a portion down, just skimming the surface along the edge. Hold needle firmly and allow beads to climb and fill the length. Turn the needle so hook end is facing up before removing from bead spinner.  

Slide the beads down the line and dip needle back into the bead spinner bowl. 

Continue until you have at least four yards of Wildfire line beaded. 

Knot thread ends together. Slide ends back through a section of beads and then trim off excess line. 

Loop strand several times, then slide over wrist. Adjust and loop over wrist until you have desired wrap. 

Create a beaded knot to hold bracelet strands together. Follow the above instructions using the Wildfire line and the bead spinner. String beads onto one yard of Wildfire line. Knot the ends together and trim off excess line. 

Loop main bracelet strands over wrist. Bracelet should be loose enough to slide back over your hand. 

Carefully slide bracelet off, holding strands together. Wrap the new bead strand around top portion of the bracelet. Make a slip knot and then continue to wrap around. Slide last portion under a section of wrapped beads and secure to strands with a jump ring. 


It is very helpful to have plenty of beads in the Bead Spinner bowl and to skim only the surface of the beads to load the needle. Do not let needle hit bottom or sides of the bowl- This will cause beads to fly everywhere. Toho E beads can be used sparingly along with the seed beads in the bead spinner for this project, using the curved big eyed needle. It is easier to work directly from the Wildfire™ line.