Wilton® Cheesecakes to Celebrate
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Wilton® Cheesecakes to Celebrate

Celebrate a special birthday with a special cheesecake!
Craft Time: varies
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • 10x2.75” Springform Pan
  • Tip: 6
  • Colors*: Lemon Yellow, Golden Yellow, Pink, Leaf Green, Royal Blue
  • Orange Candy Melts
  • Stars Candy Mold
  • Candy Melting Plate
  • Primary Candy Color Set
  • Your Favorite Orange Cheesecake Recipe
  • Parchment Triangles
  • Cake Boards
  • Knife
  • Ruler
  • Small Bowls
  • Toothpicks

Project Instructions

Mold candies. For each side, mold 1 star and 7 round candies (10” cheesecake yields 8 slices).  

Mold stars in candy mold; mold rounds in Candy Melting Plate, filling cavities ½” deep.  

Prepare pan, crust and cheesecake batter.  

For each dot color, remove ¼ cup batter and tint. Pour remaining batter into pan.  

Use tip 6 to pipe random dots into batter.  

Bake, cool and unmold cheesecake per instructions.  

At serving time, cut into wedges; smooth sides with wet spatula. Position candies.  

Each slice serves 1.


*Combine Lemon Yellow with Golden Yellow for yellow shown.