Blue Buddha Woven Chain Necklace
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Blue Buddha Woven Chain Necklace

This intricate necklace looks difficult but you'll be pleasantly surprised to find out how simple it is to achieve!
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Amulet™ Charms – Silver Yin Yang
  • Amulet™ Pendant – Buddha
  • Amulet™ Bead Charms – Green, Purple and Orange
  • Hemp Cord – Blue
  • Jump Rings, 7mm – Silver
  • Link Chain, Large – Silver
  • Link Chain, Small – Silver
  • Chain Nose Pliers
  • Scissors (or Cutters)

Project Instructions

Step 1 Begin by cutting three strands of large link chain to 18" in length and lay them side by side. Using jump rings, attach the three strand ends together as follows: top strand left end to center strand left end, center strand left end to bottom strand left end, top strand right end to center strand right end, center strand right end to bottom strand right end.

Step 2 Cut two strands of hemp cord to 50" in length. Beginning at the top left end of chain place both strands of cord through the top link and back out through the bottom link of the center chain. Tie and knot the end of hemp cord to itself.

Step 3 Taking the free ends of the cord, pull through the top link of the chain and place ends through the second link of the center chain. Wrap those ends back up through the second link of the left chain and down through the third link of the second chain. Continue with this until reaching the other end of the chains. Tie the ends into a knot and trim excess.

Step 4 Cut two additional strands of hemp cord to 50" in length, repeat Step 2 but begin on the topmost center link and connect to the right chain strand. Once you reach the end, knot and trim excess.

Step 5 Use another jump ring to connect the Buddha pendant to the center of the bottom strand.

Step 6 Place each of the Yin/Yang charms six links from the Buddha pendant using jump rings. Intersperse the bead charms along the bottom chain.

Step 7 Finish necklace by using jump rings to attach lobster clasp.