Blue Rose Ribbon Petit Four Cake
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Blue Rose Ribbon Petit Four Cake

Cakes today have become an integral part of the wedding meal itself…so why not serve petits fours instead of a wedding cake? Petits Fours are beautiful miniature cakes, pastries, candies, cookies and desserts that can be used to create an enticing and elegant array for any occasion where desserts are needed. These small, intricately designed cakes can be placed on a large tiered tray and presented in a cake-like formation. So why not indulge your imagination with these deliciously sweet ideas!

Courtesy of Wilton

Craft Time: varies
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Project Instructions

Step: 1

Prepare the Petite Loaf cakes to be covered with rolled fondant by lightly icing in buttercream or spreading with heated, strained apricot jam.

Step: 2

For the colors used, combine the white fondant with the pastel fondant and tint the white fondant with the violet icing color.

Step: 3

Cover the cakes with the rolled fondant and smooth with the Easy-Glide smoother.

Step: 4

Roll out the white fondant 1/16-inch thick. Cut a 3 x 1½-inch wide strip for each ribbon rose. Fold the strip in half, lengthwise.

Step: 5

Begin rolling lightly from one end, gradually loosening roll as flower gets larger.

Step: 6

Fold the cut edge under and attach to cake with damp brush.

Step: 7

In royal icing, pipe tip No. 3 cornelli lace on the top of the cake.

Step: 8

Divide each side of cake in half and add tip No. 3 double drop strings at the division marks, ½ and ¾-inches deep.

Step: 9

Pipe tip No. 2 spiral flowers at the division marks to finish.


See the Wilton Celebrate® With Fondant book for complete instructions on decorating with fondant.