Braided Bracelet
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Braided Bracelet

This wire-wrapped bracelet uses Beadalon German Style Wires to create a fun, trendy piece you’ll want to wear again and again.

Designed by Trish Voss

Craft Time: 60+ minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Square Opalite, 9mm
  • Rice Opalite, 4mm
  • Beadalon® German Style Wire, 22ga Round Wire – Gold, Silver, and Copper
  • Beadalon® German Style Wire 22ga ½ Round Wire
  • Flush Cutters
  • Flat Nose Pliers
  • Round Nose Pliers
  • Clamps
  • Ruler
  • Pencil

Project Instructions

Make two wire bundles with four wires in each bundle. The wires should be about 14".

Measure the stone and find the center of the bundle. From the center, measure and mark each side the width of the bead. At first mark, use ½ round wire to bundle the wires together.

Looking at the bundle horizontally, take the top wire to the right of the binding, place the flat nose pliers immediately above the mark (or wrap just made) and bend up at a sharp 90 degree angle.

On that wire, measure the height of the bead and make a mark. At that mark, fold the wire back against itself. Use the flat nose to firmly crimp the wire. Make another fold at the point where the wire meets the bundle. It should lay parallel to the bundle. Wrap with the ½ round wire. This creates your first prong.

Repeat at the next mark at the width of the bead. Repeat this process for the opposite bundle. You are to have a total of four prongs between the two bundles.

Bind the bundles together with ½ wire forming the prongs around the bead.

The remaining length of wire will be your connecting wires and decorating wires.

Braided Bracelet body:
Clamp the end of seven wires in any order: copper, gold and silver.

Place a binding of ½ round wire around all seven wires just below the clamp leaving about ½".

Pull out the right and left three wires leaving one center wire straight.

Place an Opalite rice bead on the center straight wire.

Form the outer three wires from both sides around the bead, crossing at the bottom of the bead.

Place binding on the crossed wires; still having three wires on either side, place a second bead on the straight piece of wire.

Repeat the cross process.

Repeat these steps for another bead, having a total of three beads.

Cut the straight wire leaving ¼" length from the last binding.

Fold the ¼" piece to a 90 degree angle and then fold back over the binding, turning the end of the wire down toward the wire bundle.

Bring the six wires remaining back together. Measure how wide you want the center to be (as wide as you need to hold your pronged center focal). At the point, cross the wires leaving three on either side. Take the piece of straight wire you had left from the cut, add that wire to the center and place a binding around all seven wires again.

On the straight piece place an Opalite bead and repeat the braiding process.

Trim the ends of the wires leaving a ½” past the last bind. Finish off the ends of the bracelet by turning back the ends toward the bracelet.

Going back to the center, use your split ring opener. Place it in the center and pull outward, do the same to the other side until it gets to as wide as you need for connecting the pronged stone.

Connect the pieces:
Placed the pronged stone on top and centered on the bracelet body.

Wrap one wire in opposite corners to lock in place.

Repeat the same in the other two corners.

The wire used to lock in place is the wire you will place the coiled wire (coil 28 ga wire around the straight pieces) fold back to frame the bead and lock on the opposite side.

Repeat on both sides of the pronged center.

At this point use the remaining wires to curl, loop and lock in place for decoration.


Refer to photo for project details.