Brenda Walton Olivia Rose Sweet Craft Journal
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Brenda Walton Olivia Rose Sweet Craft Journal

A sweet little book or journal to help plan your crafts or keep track of ideas that inspire you. It’s a place to sketch and a home for your creativity.
Designed by K&Company
Craft Time: 60+ minutes
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Material List

  • EK Success Retractable Blade Kit
  • K&Company Olivia Rose All-in-One Specialty Paper Pad (30-576759)
  • EK Success 3D-Dots Adhesive White Squares (SPAF/PS)
  • K&Company Olivia Rose Grand Adhesion Flowers (30-576735)
  • K&Company Olivia Rose Stitched-on Templates (30-576711)
  • Composition Book
  • Scissors: Straight-edged, Scallop-edged, Rickrack-edged
  • Cutting Mat
  • Cardstock, optional to make template for windows
  • Pencil, optional

Project Instructions

Step: 1

(Optional: To make it easier to get the desired size and position of the rectangle and square window shapes before cutting into the cover, draw around a piece of cardstock the size desired to create the windows.)

Step: 2

Place a cutting mat inside the book to prevent cutting through the pages. Use the retractable blade to cut a large rectangle shaped window into the cover of the book, centered in the top half. Cut a square shaped window into the lower right corner.

Step: 3

Cover the outside of the book with pattern paper. Use a different pattern paper for the spine of the book. Place pattern paper on the first page of the book to peek out of the small, square window.

Step: 4

Add a Grand Adhesion Flower in the hole of the square window. Use rickrack scissors to cut patterned paper for a border around the square window.

Step: 5

In the large rectangle window cut the paper for the background. It will go on the first page of the book just like the square paper.

Step: 6

Using the Stitched-on Templates, mark and stitch the template to spell the word “Sweet”. Under the “ee” in the word, add a heart from the template.

Step: 7

Place the letters to spell “Craft” use foam tape for dimension.

Step: 8

Use decorative-edged scissors to cut patterned paper into decorative edges and borders for the rectangular window and the book.

Step: 9

Glue the first page to the backside of the book’s cover. This will hide the work area.

Step: 10

Add stickers to embellish the text.


Use photo as a guide and follow manufacturer’s instructions for all products used.

When cutting, use straight-edged scissors unless otherwise indicated.