Bridal Candle
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Bridal Candle

Create this beautiful beaded candle jar to use as a reception decoration or favor. Beacon Gem-Tac Adhesive attaches both the beads and silk flowers to the glass jar perfectly.

Designed by Jean Kievlan for Beacon

Craft Time: 30 minutes
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Material List

  • Gem-Tac Adhesive
  • White and silver bead assortment, 1 package
  • White flowers, small
  • Sheer ribbon, white, 3/8 inch, &½ yard
  • Jar candle
  • Scissors
  • Paper plate

Project Instructions

Step: 1

Empty the beads onto a paper plate.

Step: 2

Spread Gem-Tac Adhesive around the bottom edge of the candle jar. Sprinkle the beads into the glue, covering the area with the glue completely with beads. Set aside to dry.

Step: 3

Tie the ribbon around the neck of the jar and into a bow.

Step: 4

Glue two leaves and one flower at the center of the bow.

Step: 5

Separate the remaining flowers from the calyx.

Step: 6

Glue single layers of petals around the top edge of the candle jar. Let dry.


Please read all instructions carefully before starting your project.