Bumble Bee
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Bumble Bee

Everyone will be buzzing about this color-your-own bee activity. It’s easy for all ages, great for a gift or just a rainy day activity. Designed by Jeff McWilliams Designs
Craft Time: 30 minutes
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Material List

  • DecoColor Broadline Paint Markers, Black
  • DecoColor Broadline Paint Markers, Yellow
  • DecoColor Broadline Paint Markers, White
  • Unfinished Wood Bumble Bee
  • Sheer Ribbon, White
  • Small Googly Eyes
  • Glue

Project Instructions

Step: 1

Color the wings white, the body yellow and head, feet and balls at the end of antennas black. Allow proper time for colors to dry.

Step: 2

Add black stripes to body and dots to wings.

Step: 3

Tie a bow and glue to neck.

Step: 4

Glue eyes in place.


Let dry after each step.