Aleene's Burlap Fringe Flower
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Aleene's Burlap Fringe Flower

This vintage Aleene's® favorite made its debut in the 1960's and is fun and easy to create from burlap.

Designed by Tiffany Windsor, courtesy of Aleene's®.

Craft Time: 60+ minutes
Uses Recycled Items: Yes
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 Aleene's® Original Tacky Glue®, small

Aleene's® Original Tacky Glue®


Material List

  • Burlap
  • Scissors
  • Cardboard Squeegee
  • Floral Stem Wire, 18 ga. – Green
  • Button with Shank, Large
  • Florist Tape – Green

Project Instructions

For full-size flower, cut a piece of burlap 6"x18". For small flower or bud, cut burlap to 6"x5". Apply Aleene's® Original Tacky Glue™ along both long edges of burlap.

Use a cardboard squeegee (or your fingers) to spread the glue smoothly along the edges. Let dry completely until glue is clear.

Starting in the center, pull out one long burlap thread. Continue pulling out threads one by one.

When all the center threads are pulled out, your burlap piece should look like this.

Apply Aleene's® Original Tacky Glue™ along one edge.

Spread glue smooth with fingers (or squeegee).

Fold in half to match glued edges. Press edges together until glue holds and set aside for next step.

To prepare flower center, fold wire approximately 2" from end and loop into button shank.

Wrap florist's wire around wire and cover entire stem.

Apply Aleene's® Original Tacky Glue™ along straight edge of burlap.

Press edge of burlap onto stem just below button and begin to roll wire.

Roll burlap around and around wire, keeping loops from catching in glue and keeping edge of burlap straight. Be sure to wrap tightly!

Apply an extra dab of Aleene's® Original Tacky Glue™ to end of burlap and press to secure.

Slightly lift button center and apply glue to bottom of button.

Pull snugly into center of flower and arrange burlap fringe. Let glue dry completely.

When creating a burlap flower bud, loop the wire but do not use a button for the center.

Assemble the flower following the same steps outlined above.