Buttoned Bandana Cowl
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Buttoned Bandana Cowl

Knit a bandana style cowl for a cute new way to stay warm this fall.

Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Lion Brand® Wool-Ease® Thick & Quick®) Yarn – Charcoal (2 Balls) or Color of Choice
  • Lion Brand® Circular Knitting Needle, Size 13 (9mm), 29" (73.5cm) Long
  • Lion Brand® Crochet Hook, Size N/13 (9mm)
  • Lion Brand® Large-Eyed Blunt Needle
  • Buttons, 7/8" (4)
  • Sewing Needle
  • Thread
  • Scissors

Project Instructions

ch = chain
k = knit
p = purl
rep = repeat
RS = right side
sc = single crochet
st(s) = stitch(es)
St st = Stockinette st
WS = wrong side

M1 (make 1) An increase worked by lifting the horizontal thread lying between needles and placing it onto left needle. Knit this new stitch through the back loop – 1 st increased.
kfb (knit in front and back) Knit next st without removing it from left needle, then k through back of same st – 1 st increased.
pfb (purl into front and back) Purl next st without removing it from left needle, then p through back of same st – 1 st increased.

1. Cowl is worked from the bandanna point up.
2. Circular needle is used to accommodate the bulky sts. Work back and forth in rows on circular needle as if working on straight needles.
3. Buttonholes are worked with a crochet hook when Cowl has been completed.

Cast on 1 st.
Row 1 (RS): Kfb – 2 sts at the end of this row.
Row 2: P1, pfb – 3 sts.
Row 3: Knit.
Row 4: Purl.
Row 5: K1, *M1, k1; rep from * to end of row – 5 sts.
Row 6 and all WS Rows: Purl.
Row 7: K1, M1, k to last st, M1, k1 – 7 sts.
Rep last 2 rows until there are 35 sts. End with a RS row. Note: End with a RS row means that the last row you work should be a RS row and the next row that you are ready to work will be a WS row. The Bandanna triangle part of the project is complete, now continue with the neck section.
Next Row (cast-on row): P to end of row, cast on 11 sts – 46 sts.
Next Row (cast-on row): K to end of row, cast on 11 sts – 57 sts at the end of this row.
Continue in St st (k on RS, p on WS) until straight sides measure about 8" (20.5cm) from cast-on rows.
Bind off, leaving last st on needle. Do not cut yarn.

Insert crochet hook into last st, ch 1, working evenly across straight side edge of Cowl, sc in beginning of side edge, *ch 2, skip next 3/4" (2cm), work 3 sc evenly spaced over next 1 1/4" (3cm); rep from * 3 more times (to make 4 buttonholes), sc evenly spaced to end of straight side edge. Fasten off. With sewing needle and thread, sew buttons to other straight side edge of Cowl, opposite buttonholes. Weave in ends.


SIZE: Finished Circumference About 26". (66cm) GAUGE: 9 sts = 4". (10cm) in St st (k on RS, p on WS). BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR GAUGE.