By The Sea Necklace
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By The Sea Necklace

Create your own stylish ocean themed leather and bead necklace!

Designed by Nancy Anderson.

Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Triple Strand Necklace
  • Trinkettes┬« Metal Bead Sea Shore Mix
  • Lampwork Glass Pendant - Starfish
  • E-6000┬« Glue
  • Jump Ring, 9mm
  • Jump Ring, 7mm

Project Instructions

Step 1 Remove finding from one end of triple strand suede necklace. String one star bead onto strand within 5" of the end with the finding remaining. String a barrel bead leaving 2" between. Next string the 7mm jump ring followed by the next barrel bead and another star bead, spacing them evenly with each star bead 5" from the ends. Perform a `friendship' braid between the star bead and barrel bead on each side. Center the 7mm jump ring between the two barrel beads and attach the glass starfish pendant using a 9mm jump ring. Reattach the finding that was removed with E-6000 glue. Refer to photo for placement of beads.

Step 2 Pass the bottom end of the strip up between strands 2 and 3, and push the resulting twist to the bottom.

Step 3 Begin braiding by passing strip 1 over 2, then 3 over 1, then 2 over 3. Pass the bottom end of the strip between 2 and 3 then work the braided portion up to the top of the band. This completes one braid cycle.

Step 4 To make a second braid cycle, pass the bottom end of the strip between strands 2 and 3. Repeat braiding as in Step 2, passing strand 1 over 2, 3 over 1, and 2 over 3, then pass the bottom end of the band between strands 2 and 3, and straighten the braids. This completes two braid cycles. Follow Step 2 until the strands are too short to complete another full braid cycle. Adjust the strands so that all the braids are even.