Canvas Iron-on Patches (2 pack)
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Canvas Iron-on Patches (2 pack)

Item# nw0945

Use patches to repair a tear, worn area or hole. Machine washable.

Instructions: 1. Wash garment before applying patch. 2. Heat dry iron for 5 minutes on "Cotton" setting. 3. Cut patch slightly larger than area to be mended. Round corners. If patch will cover a hole, place a piece of paper underneath hole before applying patch. 4. Working on a firm, protected surface, preheat worn area with iron (A). 5. Position patch, shiny side down on garment. Press firmly for 40 to 45 seconds. Finish by pressing around edges (B). 6. Allow patch to cool and check bond. Press again, if necessary.

Shown on the left is Brown 

Also available:

Black (10152948)


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