Caribbean Jewels Necklace Trio
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Caribbean Jewels Necklace Trio

Wear these versatile necklaces alone or in a trio. They look wonderful twisted (with a metal connector) or doubled-up around the neck.

Designed by Wendy Cooper for Darice®

Craft Time: 60+ minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Hemp, 10 lb. (5 Yards Each) – Turquoise, Green and Orange
  • Crystal Toho or E Beads (100-110) – Pink
  • Crystal Lined Toho or E Beads (100-110) – Silver
  • Toho or E Beads (100-110) – Silver
  • Crochet Hook – Size F
  • Tapestry Needle

Project Instructions

On the turquoise piece of hemp, thread on all but one of the pink E beads and make a loose knot at the end (to stop beads from falling off). Measure 4-5 inches on the unknotted side and make a slip knot.  

Insert hook into loop. Begin crocheting a chain stitch in the following manner: make two chain stitches (CH), slide one bead close to hook and chain stitch in place (BCH), make one chain stitch (CH), slide bead close to hook and chain stitch in place (BCH), make one chain stitch (CH), etc. Continue alternating between CH and BCH until all beads have been added. End with two CH. To finish off the strand, untie the original loose knot and pull hemp strand all the way through the last stitch (remove any unused beads).  

To attach the two ends, thread last bead onto one end and then tie the two ends together in a secure knot. Use the tapestry needle to thread the ends back thru the chain stitch of the necklace about 1". Trim ends close to necklace.  

Repeat for the green hemp, using the crystal silver lined E beads. Repeat with the orange hemp, using the silver E beads.



Try a larger crochet hook to create a looser necklace chain.