Carnival Earrings
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Carnival Earrings

Want some of the dangles longer? You can always add more beads to the head pins before trimming. Designed by Jennifer Heynen.
Craft Time: 30 minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Jennifer Heynen Ceramic Head Pins (2)
  • Assorted Glass Beads, 4mm-8mm (10)
  • Jump Rings, 10mm – Gunmetal (2)
  • Ear Hooks – Gunmetal (2)

Project Instructions

Step 1 String one of the assorted glass beads onto the wire of each head pin.

Step 2 Trim each head pin wire so that it is only sticking out of the top of the bead half an inch.

Step 3 Take the end of the wire in your round nose pliers and make a loop. Do this for all ten head pins.

Step 4 Separate the head pins into two sets of five, one for each earring.

Step 5 Open up one of the jump rings, then slide on five of the head pins.

Step 6 Next, slide on one of the ear hooks. Close the ring.

Step 7 Repeat these steps for the second earring.