Jewelry Twists Casual All-Over Bead Necklace
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Jewelry Twists Casual All-Over Bead Necklace

Midnight blue strands mix with silver beads to create a layered necklace. Incorporate other colors for a completely new look.

Designed by Wendy Cooper

Craft Time: 30 minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Jewelry Twist Strands – Midnight (4)
  • Mix and Mingle Beads, Large Hole (28-36)
  • Scissors

Project Instructions

Cut each of the four Midnight Jewelry Twist strands so you have four very long strands.  

On each one, thread seven to nine large-hole Mix and Mingle metal beads, knotting strand in between each bead. Scatter placement of the beads to give necklace a casual air.  

Tie the ends of each strand together so you have four individual necklaces.


Wear one strand alone or wear multiple strands at a time. Wear super long, double for a medium length or triple for a choker. Try wrapping one around your wrist for a spectacular bracelet.