Casual Friday Necklace
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Casual Friday Necklace

This technique is easy to do and easy to wear – it's a great look with jeans and khakis. Use the Rule of Odds and use five large focal beads to create an eye-catching focal section.

Designed by Katie Hacker.

Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Necklace (16"-18")
  • Beadalon® 19 Strand Stringing Wire, .015" Diameter – Silver
  • Beadalon® Crimp Beads, #2 – Silver (2)
  • Beadalon® Lines Crimp Covers – Silver (2)
  • Beadalon® Lobster Clasp – Silver
  • Beadalon® Extension Chain – Silver
  • Bead Gallery® Rounds, 6mm – Tiger’s Eye (16)
  • Bead Gallery® Freshwater Pearls, 6mm – Gray
  • Bead Gallery® Rondelles, 6mm – Light Sapphire (16)
  • Bead Gallery® Glass Rounds, 10mm – Light Amethyst (6)
  • Bead Gallery® Ceramic Rounds, 14mm – Brown/Blue (5)
  • Bead Gallery® Square Disks, 6mm – Hematite (18)
  • Bead Gallery® Rings, 10mm – Silver
  • Round Nose Pliers
  • Chain Nose Pliers
  • Wire Cutters
  • Crimping Tool

Project Instructions

Step 1 Cut three 18" lengths of Beadalon(R) 19.

Step 2 Hold the wires together and pass them through a #2 crimp bead, the clasp and back into the crimp bead.

Step 3 Crimp it and attach a crimp cover.

Step 4 Hold the wires together and pass them through a square bead.

Step 5 Pass one wire through a tiger's eye bead, one through a pearl and one through a glass bead.

Step 6 Repeat Steps 4-5 eight more times, then all of the wires through a square.

Step 7 Pass through alternating 10mm blue, 10mm ring, 14mm round as shown.

Step 8 After the last 10mm blue bead, pass through a square.

Step 9 Make nine woven units so the necklace is symmetrical.

Step 10 Crimp to attach the extension chain.


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