Cedar Lodge Wooden Noel Garland
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Cedar Lodge Wooden Noel Garland

Create a wooden noel garland for a fun DIY project this holiday season! Designed by Mike Baker.


Uses Recycled Items: No
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 Craft Smart® Acrylic Paint- 2oz., small

Craft Smart® Acrylic Paint- 2oz.


Material List

  • Craft Smart® Craft Paint – Brown and Cream
  • Paintbrush – ½" and Detail
  • Water
  • Palette (Foil or Palette Paper)
  • Fabric (¼ Yd.)
  • Buttons
  • Low Heat Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • Wooden Blanks – Star (4)
  • Rag

Project Instructions

Step 1 Mix a ruddy brown stain with Craft Smart® craft paints and water, then apply to each wooden star blank. Once desired color is achieved, wipe off excess with a rag. Let dry.

Step 2 While the stain is drying, cut two 15"x1" strips of fabric, four 6"x1" strips of fabric and four 4"x¼" strips of fabric.

Step 3 Tie two of the long strips together to form your middle. Leave about a foot of fabric on either side of the knot you tied. This will leave about 2" tails on the knot itself.

Step 4 Next tie the 6" strips every 4" from the middle on either side, two to the left, two to the right.

Step 5 On the dried stars, paint simple block letters N O E L in Cream.

Step 6 Once the painted letters have dried, paint stitch details to your taste on the letters.

Step 7 Embellish with your creative touch using hot glue, felt and fabric scraps and buttons. Fray edges, if desired.

Step 8 Cut the string hangers in half on the end not inserted into the wooden star. Use the two halves to tie the stars in correct order between the knots you made (make sure you tie each star on facing the correct direction).