Charming Christmas Gingerbread Cottage
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Charming Christmas Gingerbread Cottage

The joy and enchantment of the holidays are captured in this cozy, Candy Melts candy-covered cottage. It’s a wonderful family project. You can always use some of your own candy favorites to add more decorations and excitement to the house.
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Wilton® Unassembled Gingerbread Cottage Kit
  • Wilton® 13 in. Angled Spatula
  • Wilton® 9 in. Rolling Pin
  • Wilton® Decorator Brush
  • Wilton® White Pearl Dust
  • Wilton® Square Cut-Outs™ Fondant Cutters
  • Wilton® White Candy Melts Candy (18 oz. needed)
  • Wilton® Red Candy Melts Candy (18 oz. needed)
  • Wilton® Green Candy Melts Candy (18 oz. needed)
  • Wilton® 15 in. Parchment Triangles
  • Wilton® Holiday Candies Assortment (light bulb candies used)
  • Wilton® Roll-N-Cut Mat
  • Wilton® 10 in. x 11 in. Cake Board
  • Knife
  • Cornstarch
  • Granulated Sugar

Project Instructions

Prepare icing mix from gingerbread kit according to package instructions.

Assemble house according to package instructions.

Use spatula to ice roof smooth. Let dry.

Attach white and red Candy Melts candy shingles in staggered rows on each side of the roof with icing from house kit.

Trim last row of candy on top peak and candy on sides of roof with knife. Brush with white Pearl Dust.

Outline front door, 1½ in. wide x 3 in. high, using icing and tip from house kit. Make door rounded at top. Pipe in with icing; smooth with finger dipped in cornstarch. Attach mini multi-colored candy with icing for doorknob.

Attach candy round from house kit for window on door with icing.

For front window, outline window, 1 3/8 in. wide x 2 in. high, using icing and tip from house kit. For side windows, outline windows, 2 ½ in. wide x 7/8 in. high, using icing and tip from house kit.

On a granulated sugar-covered surface, flatten several candy rounds. Use smallest square Cut-Out to cut into six squares for front window and eight squares for each side window. (Cut side window squares in half). Attach to windows with icing. Pipe windowpanes and borders using icing and tip from house kit. Attach mini multi-colored candy on windowsills with dots of icing.

Cut eight red Candy Melts candy in half and attach with icing around front door.

Melt white Candy Melts candy according to package directions. Pipe swirls on six green Candy Melts candy using melted candy and a cut parchment bag. Let set. Pipe swirl and dot designs around whole green Candy Melt candy above front window using melted white candy and cut parchment bag.

Attach one whole green Candy Melt candy above door and five half green Candy Melt candy around front window and four half green Candy Melts around windows using icing and tip from house kit. Pipe swirl and dot design around whole green Candy Melts candy above front door using melted candy in cut parchment bag.

For peak of house, attach 12 green Candy Melts candy together in pairs using melted white candy in cut parchment bag. Let set in refrigerator until firm. Use melted white candy in parchment bag to pipe swirl on one side of the pairs; let set in refrigerator.

Pipe line on the front eaves of house using tip and icing from house kit; attach 13 light bulb candies.

Roll out red and green fondant from kit into two logs, ¼ in. dia. x 8 in. long. Twist together and roll into one smooth log. Cut into four pieces, each 2 ½ in. long, and attach to corners of house with icing.

Ice cake board fluffy and attach house to board, allowing enough room in front to accommodate walkway.

On a granulated sugar-covered surface, roll out five candy rounds. Cut into small pieces and attach as walkway; use icing if needed. For border on walkway, cut candy rounds in half, and attach approximately 14 halves with icing.


Adult supervision is required at all times. Oven should only be used by an adult.