Large Checkered Crochet Stuffed Pony
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Large Checkered Crochet Stuffed Pony

Crochet this fun checkered pony to give as a gift or use to brighten up your home décor.

Designed by Tammy Zabriskie.

Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Buttons (2)
  • Crochet Hook, Size I
  • Large-eye Needle
  • Stuffing
  • Yarn

Project Instructions


Chain –Ch

Stitch(es) – St(s)

Single Crochet – Sc

Whip Stitch – Ws

For each square, ch 16. (56 Squares are needed)

Row 1 Sc in second chain from hook and in each sts across – 15 sts.

Rows 2-15 Ch 1, turn (counts as first sc). Sc in each st across.


Step 1 To make the front panel, ws 15 panels together, as shown, in the horse formation. Repeat for back panel.

Step 2 Sew eyes on panels before stuffing.

Step 3 Ws 26 squares together in a strip.

Step 4 Connect the front and back panel together with the strip from Step 3 across the top from the head, working down to the tail. Make sure the right sides of each panel are facing each other.

Step 5 Sew the rest of the pony together, leaving a 4" opening underneath.

Step 6 Stuff horse in opening left in Step 5.

Step 7 Sew closed.

Step 8 Make several chs and attach to back of head and neck for the mane.

Step 9 Repeat for the tail.


For a simple alternative, instead of squares for the strip down the back, try strips changing colors every 15 rows. This will make the project a little easier, with not as much sewing.