Chevron Pillow & Bolster Set
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Chevron Pillow & Bolster Set

Zig and zag your way to stylish home décor! This trendy chevron pillow and bolster set is easily constructed using Crafty Cuts® Canvas Fabric, adhesive tape and grosgrain ribbon. Just measure, cut, press and fill.
Craft Time: 60+ minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Crafty Cuts® Canvas Fabric – Chevron Print (1 Yd.)
  • Adhesive Hem Tape, 1" Wide
  • Grosgrain Ribbon, 1" Wide (2 Yds.)
  • Polyester Fill (1 Bag)
  • Scissors

Project Instructions

Square Pillow:

Step 1 Cut canvas fabric 36"x20".

Step 2 Turn raw edge under on both 36" sides and press in place using the adhesive tape.

Step 3 Turn raw edge of the top 20" side under and press in place using adhesive tape.

Step 4 Lay the fabric right side facing down; fold the bottom edge up 18" and press.

Step 5 Press both sides using adhesive tape.

Step 6 Stuff the pillow from the top. Fold the top flap over to the back side and press closed with the adhesive tape.


Step 1 Cut canvas fabric 32"x16". Cut two pieces of grosgrain ribbon 24" long.

Step 2 Turn one 32" edge under 1" and press using the adhesive tape.

Step 3 Place the 32" pressed edge over the raw 32" edge and press in place using adhesive tape. This will create a fabric tube.

Step 4 Tuck the raw ends in 4" on each side and press.

Step 5 Tie a piece of ribbon 4" from one end of the tube and stuff to the desired fullness.

Step 6 Tie the second ribbon 4" from the open end to complete.


Let the adhesive tape cool before stuffing pillow.

Iron should only be used by an adult.