Chocolate Chain and Charm Bracelet
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Chocolate Chain and Charm Bracelet

It’s easy to add instant charm to your wardrobe with this shimmering accent bracelet.

Designed by Margie Pankhurst

Craft Time: 30-60 minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Memory Wire
  • Bead Landing Chocolate Metal Chain
  • Chocolate Metal Specialty Chain with Chocolate Metal Beads
  • Bead Landing Chocolate Colored Mother Of Pearl Disks from the Shoreline Collection, 20 count
  • Chocolate Colored Metal Shell Charms, 4 count
  • Bead Landing Chocolate Metal Beads Chain from the Shoreline Collection, 6 count
  • Chocolate Metal Jump Rings, 34 count
  • Bead Landing Chocolate Rhinestone Toggle from the Shoreline Collection
  • Round Nose Jewelry Pliers

Project Instructions

Measure the memory wire around your wrist and cut with memory wire cutter.


Using a round nose jewelry pliers, bend a loop at each end of the memory wire.


Using one whole 36 in. package of chocolate metal chain, begin threading the chain onto the memory wire.  Thread the loop through every 3rd ring on the chain. The chain should jumble and bunch up on the memory wire.


Once all the chain is threaded onto the wire use a jump ring to attach each end of the chain to the loops on the memory wire. This will keep the chain from sliding off the chain.


Evenly space the chocolate mother of pearl disks across the topside of the bracelet chain.

Attach each disk with a chocolate metal jump ring.


Space the 4 chocolate shell charms evenly across the topside of the bracelet. Attach each shell with chocolate jump ring.


Remove the chocolate metal beads from the specialty chain.


Evenly space the 6 metal beads across the top of the bracelet.  Attach each bead with a jump ring.


Attach each piece of the toggle to either end of the bracelet with a jump ring.