Clamps in Unity Necklace
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Clamps in Unity Necklace

Artists and crafters unite to create an edgy jewelry art piece. Designed by Mary Feliciano for Horizon Group USA.

Craft Time: 30-60 minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Cutter Side Super Fine Black 443472
  • Pliers Round Nose Deluxe Black 443476
  • Pliers Flat Nose Deluxe Black 443477
  • Silver Chain MKP18145-101
  • Lobster Clasp MKP18112-123
  • Spring Clasp MKP18119-123
  • Jump Rings MKP18108-123
  • Enameled Rings MKP19553-123
  • Heart Lock Pendant MKP19534-02
  • Round Number Charm MKP18088-123
  • "Lace" Square Pendant MKP18057-101
  • Glass Dangles Charm MKP19545-123 (first charm in pack)
  • Red Car Charm MKP18094-123
  • #5 Green Enamel Charm MKP19548-123
  • Gold Bowl Pendant MKP19536-02
  • "Forever" Charm MKP19549-123
  • Heart Locket MKP19541-123
  • Glass Dangles Charm MKP19545-123 (second charm in pack)
  • Half Key Charm MKP18070-123
  • Silver Rectangle #3 Charm MKP18089-123
  • Orange & Green Enamel Disk Charm MKP19544-123

Project Instructions

For the purpose of the following instructions: all clasps are referenced to have two parts: "clamp-end" and "tail-end."


Lobster Clasp Chain: Create a series of links by attaching the following lobster clasps onto each other as indicated either by tail-end to tail-end (TAIL) with one jump ring; or clamp end to clamp end (CLAMP) by opening and closing the clamps:

Medium copper lobster (TAIL) to large silver lobster (CLAMP)

Large copper lobster (TAIL) to large silver lobster (CLAMP)

Large copper lobster (TAIL) to medium silver lobster (TAIL).


Spring Clasp Chain: Create a second series of links directly below your "lobster clasp chain" by connecting thirteen spring clasps to the clamp and tail ends of your large lobster clasps.

Tip: Start from the middle-most area of the lobster clasp chain base.


Prepare the charms by connecting one enameled ring per charm with one jump ring.


Connect the thirteen charms that you prepared from Step 3 to the thirteen hanging spring clasps from Step 2.

Tip: for balance in your design connect Charm (A) to the left end, Charm (G) to the middle and Charm (M) to the right end of the necklace.


Take your Silver chain and cut three pieces that are each 10 inches in length.

Take your first 10-inch silver chain and insert one end of the chain through one end of the lobster chain base and one end on a large jump ring. Repeat this until you have used up all three chains.

Your necklace is now complete.