Color Block Leather Bracelet
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Color Block Leather Bracelet

Add some flair by wrapping colored sections of hemp around the center of this leather bracelet. Make multiple bracelets and stack them!

Designed by Marie Vetrano

Craft Time: 60+ minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Hemp – Bloom Bright or Colors(s) of Choice
  • Hemp – Blue(s) or Color(s) of Choice
  • Hemp Twist – Metallic
  • Scissors
  • Leather Strap

Project Instructions

Cut strands of hemp about 16"-24" for each color section.

Find the center of the bracelet to begin your first color of hemp.

Hold at least 1" of hemp on the underside of the bracelet; begin wrapping the hemp around the bracelet and the 1" strand underneath. Keep the strands close together. Each color section is about ½"-1"wide. When you have the desired width, re-wrap the section. Tie to the last strand underneath the bracelet.

Tie the next color section to the previous strand. Take the ends and hold them together on the underside of the bracelet and begin wrapping the hemp around the bracelet.

Repeat the first three steps. Wrap on both sides of the center color band.

Weave the end strands under the wrapped hemp. An awl or needle will be very helpful to push the hemp under the strands. Trim off any excess hemp strands.

Cover only part of the bracelet with hemp or the whole thing.


Weave ends of the hemp on the underside of wound strands. Refer to photo.