Color Burst Spray Dyed Shirt
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Color Burst Spray Dyed Shirt

This groovy T-shirt will be the coolest thing to wear as the weather gets warmer. Make one with your favorite colors and get ready to hit the beach! Design by Sulfiati Harris
Craft Time: 60+ minutes
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Material List

  • Dazzle Dye, Fuschia
  • Dazzle Dye, Orange
  • Spray Tops
  • Stick-Ease Stencils, Snazzy Daisies
  • Ultra Soft Brushable Fabric Paint-Matte, Glacier White
  • Bucket or dishpan
  • Jar
  • Latex or rubber gloves, close fitting
  • Plastic to cover work surface
  • Sponge brush
  • T-shirts, white, 100% cotton, pre-washed
  • Salt, table

Project Instructions

Step: 1

Mix soda ash fixer/salt solution; soak shirt. To mix fixer, dissolve four packets of fixer that come with dyes and &½ cup table salt into 1-2 quarts of warm water. Soak shirt in solution for 20 minutes. Note: Do not discard fixer; it can be reused.

Step: 2

To mix dyes, fill the bottles with warm water and shake. Replace spout tops with spray tops.

Step: 3

To spray dye shirt, take shirt out of fixer and squeeze out excess moisture. Lay face down on plastic-covered dyeing area. Spray a fuchsia horizontal stripe, making several passes on the fabric. Then spray orange areas of shirt, overlapping fuchsia.

Step: 4

The color should be about one third to one half more intense than you want because it will be lighter when the shirt is rinsed and dried. For the most subtle shading, dilute the dye to half strength - use jars to hold reserved dyes and make 4-6 passes with each color.

Step: 5

Wipe off overspray with paper towels, and turn shirt over. Repeat process to dye front of shirt.

Step: 6

Let shirt set damp with dye for 4-8 hours or longer - longer setting time yields deeper color. Rinse in warm water, then wash in washing machine with warm water. Machine or line dry.

Step: 7

To apply stenciled flower design, insert cardboard into washed, dried and pressed shirt. Cut out flower stencil motif; position on shirt. Apply Ultra Soft Paint with a small sponge or brush. Remove stencil when the paint is partly dry. Using same process, reposition stencil to create two additional flowers. Let dry thoroughly. Do not wash for 72 hours.


Please refer to Dazzle Dye General Directions for background information.

Set up the dye area by covering work surface with plastic.

Have a container of water and roll of paper towels nearby to rinse and dry gloved fingers.