Color Cascade Necklace
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Color Cascade Necklace

Color blocks of beautiful beading, this necklace is striking and easy to make.


Craft Time: 60+ minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Twist Bugle Beads,12mm – Gold
  • Toho Seed Beads,11/0 – Antique Gold, Blue, Light
  • Green, Luster Yellow, Black and White
  • Toho Seed Beads,11/0 – Silver Lined Red
  • Toho Matte Seed Beads, 11/0 – Bronze
  • Darice® Bead Spinner
  • Beadalon® WildFire Line, 15mm
  • Bead Stops
  • Darice® Easy Eye Bead Needle [or Slightly Curved Beading Needle]
  • Wire, 22ga – Gold
  • Lobster Clasp – Gold
  • Side Cutters
  • Masking Tape
  • Marker

Project Instructions

For this necklace, you will make four twisted wire spacers with 12 openings.

Cut a 5" section of 22ga gold wire. Hold center of wire with round nose pliers and wrap left side to the right and the right to the left. Wire should be snug around tip of pliers. Slide pliers out and reposition them, one tip in the loop and the other in front of it. Close pliers and wrap wires around tip, starting with the left side. Repeat steps until you have 12 small loops. Loop ends of wire back over the pliers at the end of the 12th loop. Trim excess wire. Use flat nose pliers to flatten twisted wire spacer. Set aside.

Repeat Step 2 to make three more wire spacers.

Separate colors and load Toho beads into bead spinner containers. Note: there are three containers; fill one with the blue beads, another with the black and the last with the red mix. Separate the remaining colors onto a bead mat.

Measure out twelve 30" lengths of WildFire line. Gather line and tie a slip knot at one end.

Run a strip of masking tape along the front edge of your work surface and mark off each section of beads. Color bands are 2", gold bead sections are ½", and the center section is 6". Tape knotted section to your work surface, alongside marked tape.

Place container with blue beads into bead spinner.

Thread one WildFire line onto the Easy Eye bead needle.

Switch on bead spinner, dip fingers into center of bowl so beads well up along sides.

Dip needle into the bead spinner -- at a slight angle -- just skimming the surface along the edge. Hold needle firmly and allow beads to climb and fill the length of the needle. Tip the needle up before removing from bead spinner. Check beaded section against marking on tape. If you are manually threading beads, there are 30 beads in each color section and 90 in the bottom center.

Next, string on ten gold beads followed by 30 light green beads.

Slide on the twisted wire spacer. Line should pass through the end loop. String on ten gold beads, followed by 30 yellow beads, a bugle bead, 30 white beads, end loop of a twisted wire spacer and 12 gold beads.

Place container with black beads into bead spinner and load up needle. Check against mark on tape or count 30 beads. Follow with a bugle bead.

Replace container with red mix and load needle until you have 6" section filled or 90 beads. Follow with a bugle bead and then repeat order of beads and spacers for the other half of the necklace, starting with black beads. Use a bead stop at end of beaded line.


It is very helpful to have plenty of beads in the Bead Spinner bowl and only skim the surface of the beads to load the needle. Do not let needle hit bottom or sides of the bowl. This will cause beads to fly everywhere. Run a strip of masking tape along the front edge of your work surface and mark off each section of beads. This is a useful tool to measure your beaded strands.