Color Connect Gala Necklace
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Color Connect Gala Necklace

This elegant necklace is simple to create, combining a semi-precious pendant with charm drops and pearls.  The Bead Landing™ Color Connect Collection provides an easy solution to making your own jewelry. Limited tools and supplies are needed, just a pair of long nose pliers and sometimes wire cutters, if you need to cut a length of chain. All components can be joined together with a simple jump ring.

Mix and match the colored pieces to create a unique and beautiful jewelry item. For an even more unique jewelry item, mix and match the Color Connect charms and connectors with beads from the Bead Gallery® wall.

Designed by Margaret Pankhurst

Craft Time: 60+ minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Bead Landing™ Color Connect Chain
  • Bead Landing™ Color Connect Charms
  • Bead Landing™ Color Connect Connectors
  • Bead Landing™ Color Connect Faceted Semi-precious Pendant
  • Bead Landing™ Color Connect Faceted Semi-precious Charm Drops
  • Pearls, 10mm
  • Jump Rings
  • Screw Type Closure
  • Wire Cutters
  • Long Nose Pliers
  • Round Nose Pliers
  • Eye Pins

Project Instructions

Step 1  Place a pearl onto the eye pin. Bend the wire to a ninety degree angle and trim to ¼" with the wire cutters.

Step 2  Grip the cut wire with the round nose pliers and roll towards the bead to form a round loop.

Step 3  Repeat the above steps for all the pearls you will use in this necklace.

Step 4  Join the pearls and Bead Landing™ Color Connect, faceted glass connectors in the following manner. Open one end of the pearl beaded eye pin. Twist the loop apart, don’t pull. Place the connector onto the eye pin loop and close with long nose pliers.

Step 5  Connect beaded eye pins and Bead Landing™ Color Connect faceted glass connectors until you have approximately an 8" length.

Step 6  Attach enough chain to the linked section to make the necklace the desired choker length to fit your neck. Attach the chain with a jump ring to the linked section.

Step 7  Attach a closure to one end of the chain and a jump ring to the other end.

Step 8  Make graduated drops in the following manner. Attach alternating beaded eye pins together and end each length with a drop.

Step 9  Mark the center front of the necklace.

Step 10  Attach the longest beaded drop length at the center point of the necklace with a jump ring.

Step 11  Attach two beaded drop lengths on either side of the center point approximately ½ inch apart. Attach with jump rings.